Q&A with Stylist Jackie Brown

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meet interior stylist jackie brown

Jackie Brown Stylist | Press Loft Blog

It’s always lovely meeting the faces behind Australia’s design and publishing industry so today we’re very happy to share with you our Q & A with the fabulous Interior Stylist Jackie Brown. Jackie’s gorgeous styling has been gracing the pages of major magazines for years, most recently you’ve probably spotted a lot of her work in Real Living mag. We talk how she got into the business, what tools are essential and what to invest in as a small brand embarking on their own styling.  Thank you, Jackie!

Jackie Brown Stylist | Press Loft Blog

1. How did you become a stylist, did you always know you wanted to be one?

Not at all… I was many things before I became a stylist, bus driver included! After about ten years of exciting (but random) jobs I decided to settle down and focus on my career. I went back to collage to study interior design and quickly realised that I was less interested in the technical aspect of design and more into the aesthetics. I did some work experience at a magazine which lead to a job in their editorial department.

2. Who are some of your favourite stylists?

Sarah Ellison is the insanely talented stylist who taught me all I know, and she continues to be a huge inspiration for me. She is so versatile, happilly slipping between fashion and interiors, and she consistantly creates dynamic, resolved, cool spaces. Megan Morton and Sibella Court are of course up there with my fave star-lists. Matt Page‘s work blows my mind – features he works on are always of epic scale and awesome-ness. There are so many great stylists and creatives in OZ at the moment doing some really interesting things!

3. Are you a location or studio stylist (by preference)?

Studio. I love the sense of satisfaction of creating a room in a place where it previously didn’t exist, and then tearing it all down and building another one!


Jackie Brown Stylist | Press Loft Blog


4. Where do you gather inspiration?

The world wide web in an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Magazines. I have thousands of them. Often when I am creating a set the aesthetic of the rooms will be inspired by one particular piece of furniture or lighting that I really want to see in the flesh.

5. What are your top ‘tools’ as a stylist? Are there certain ‘must-have’ items?

Double sided tape! There is no problem that cannot be fixed when you have double sided tape at your disposal. Fishing line, blue tack, stanly knife, drill and screws and a tape measure are also my tool box essentials.

6. What would you say to a small brand looking at doing their own shoot? Any key tips?

Invest in a great photographer. Don’t compromise on this. The lovely thing about this line of work is that its often a very collaborative process, and when you have a great team they shots will always look awesome.


Jackie Brown Stylist | Press Loft Blog

Images of Jackie Brown’s work in Real Living magazine, courtesy of jackiebrown.com.au. Photography by 1. Brett Stevens 2. Brett Stevens 3. Maree Homer 4. Chris Warnes

Top image of Jackie by Nick Scott for Real Living mag.