A short interview with freelance interiors journalist Lisa Hibberd

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For any busy interiors journalist, image libraries are a lifesaver, and none more so that those which offer more than just images to download. Press Loft is one of those, an invaluable site to add to your journalistic toolkit. In fact, it’s quite often my first port of call when planning a feature, whether it’s to search for relevant images or simply for some inspiration.

Browse and save

Every interiors journalist I know has their own way of working, but I start by heading to the relevant category and having a browse through. Such a huge choice of images can be a little overwhelming, but it’s easy to narrow down the selection with various filters. Depending on which publication I’m writing for, I tend to focus on products which are from the UK, and also with a price limit, if readers are conscious of their budget. If factors like image orientation are important, I can tweak those too. Happily adding images to my basket as I browse, I sometimes get carried away and more often than not find that I’ve downloaded more than enough images for a feature, and then have the difficulty of trying to edit them down!

Quick and easy 

It’s not only about the convenience of being able to see the collections of so many brands all in one place, but that they can be requested and received in a flash, sometimes making it from online to my image folder within a matter of minutes! All the product information is there on an email, and if there are any additional queries, I can just whizz off a quick email to the PR contact to double-check.

Forward planning

Most journalists are juggling numerous features and editorial deadlines, while also thinking about future commissions, so sometimes it’s really handy to download a few images purely for inspiration. While they might not be used in the very near future, they will all be organised into folders and hopefully included in an article at a later date.

Last-minute godsend

We’ve all been asked by an Editor to put together a last-minute feature to fill a slot, and Press Loft really comes into its own here. The Trends and Press Releases sections are ideal starting points, offering inspiration, image ideas and even ready-made content – a collection of gorgeous image ideas which will work beautifully together as a trend-led piece, for example. I tend to browse the press releases regularly for up-to-the-minute stories for news pages and online copy.

Send a request

If I’m really pushed for time, or prefer to receive suggestions direct from brands themselves, the journalist request service is the way to go. Simply input what you’re looking for, your deadline, relevant categories and publication details, then click submit and wait for the emails to come flooding in!

Although I like to think of myself as quite an organised person, that doesn’t mean I don’t need every helping hand that’s available when it comes to sourcing interiors content. There’s something for every conceivable interiors topic on Press Loft – from kitsch kitchen accessories to high-end garden furniture, so whatever issue I’m working on, I know that I’ll find what I need. The only problem I have is falling in love with hundreds of interiors buys while browsing, and spending a fortune on my own home!

Following 16 years of editorial experience at Hubert Burda Media UK, former Associate Editor of Your Home magazine, Lisa Hibberd, now writes on a freelance basis for both print publications and digital platforms. Please visit https://www.clippings.me/lisahibberd for portfolio and contact details.

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