Pitching to Bloggers

It’s the red hot question on the lips of many Press Loft clients just now: “just how do you go about pitching to bloggers?”

We asked 3 of our favourite industry bloggers just how they liked to be pitched to:

Daniel Nelson (Atelier Tally): PRs should remember that this is not (usually) our day job. So when they email us and we don’t respond straight away, it’s usually because I don’t really get a chance to blog until the weekend!

Jo Thornhill (Stylist’s Own): Avoid the hammy, one-size-fits-all email approach where the email has been thinly disguised to look like a personal one. If you genuinely love the blog, take the time to write something genuinely personal and think how the blogger might be able to use your product in a post. If you can give it an interesting angle or spin to make it more of a feature, the blogger’s ‘job’ is half done and they’ll probably be more likely to feature it.

Pippa Jameson (Pippa Jameson Interiors): a few good ideas are to a) create a feature idea that is tailored to suit a particular bloggers site b) offer ‘off the wall’ press events that are not always connected to the product – if you have fun you are more likely to remember the day and therefore the product – and c) make high res images easily accessible

Jo Thornhill (Stylist’s Own): Don’t be pushy. One of the greatest things about blogging is being able to write about whatever takes your fancy, free from anyone else’s editorial guidelines. Don’t make me feel awkward by chasing me for not responding or following up to get feedback- if I’m interested, I’ll say so!

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