Product Photography Tips

Since we’re in the business of pushing images, we’re always being asked which product shots are going to be the most popular with journalists. With over 46,000 images and counting on our UK, AU and DE sites, we are certainly quick to spot the images that are going to tickle the journos fancy, and those which are going to be left languishing in the library unloved.

PL cut out images

We tend to find that 70% of the time the images regularly showing up on our monthly top 10s are clean and crisp cut-outs, with high resolutions and large file sizes.

That’s not really surprising when you think about it. A sharp image of a product against a white background shows it off in the best possible light, and is very easy for the journalist to place directly on their page alongside other product selections, with minimal fuss. Most products work well photographed straight on, but always consider whether the product would benefit from being shot at a slight angle in order to give it a depth of field and sense of scale.

Next up, image resolution and file size. Although the required minimum image file size for Press Loft is 100kb, we always recommend uploading images that are at least 800kb – if not larger – to ensure the image doesn’t pixelate, even when blown up to A4 size (and who doesn’t want their product featured as a full page spread in a magazine?!). An image may look sharp on a computer monitor, but if it is only 50kb it is going to pixelate when printed. You also need to check the dpi (dots per inch) as most web images are only 72dpi, and journalists will require images of 300dpi for printing.

It’s quick and easy to check these details. To check the file size and dimensions just open the file in a simple editing program, such as Microsoft Picture Viewer, and select ‘properties’ to view. Checking the dpi requires slightly more advanced programs – these details can be easily accessed by opening the jpeg in Paint.NET, Photoshop or another similar program.

Stay tuned for more product photography tips, coming soon!