Geometry Has Never Been So Easy…

We can’t quite remember what Pythagoras had to say about triangles but we are finding ourselves more and more intrigued by the simple shape. Cooler than a circle and hipper than a square this three pointed marvel is welcome anywhere in our homes.

As simple as its form this trend is easy to realise, many brilliant prints are available from the likes of The Kid Who and Sneaky Peek Boutique that instantly upgrade your eye to that of graphic connoisseur.
Wall stickers can quickly transform a room from bland to brilliant. Removing the fuss found with wallpaper, wall decals are usually not only super quick to put up but also easily removed for those who like to refresh rooms often.

Play with your palette, being a versatile shape triangles really are suitable for all manner of moods and styles. Bedrooms can be transformed with cloudy coloured pastels mixed with metallics. Let triangles of varying sizes take over bedspreads, twist into the base of a lamp or appear brazenly on multiple throw cushions. If you want something more fresh and edgy why not plump for neon bright pyramids on neutral shades.

Lashings of colour on colour make the shape perfect for children’s rooms too. Quirky storage solutions such as mountain shaped shelving in lively green peaks adds instant quirk appeal. Tessellations in primary brights nod to the ever popular (especially with kids) circus theme, while larger more sporadic triangles in muted shades make a calming yet modern nursery.

Image                                                      Image

Image                                      Image