The Importance of Social Media – Facebook

Facebook, pinterest, twitter, and instagram, it is safe to say that social media is taking over the way businesses connect with their customers around the world each tweet, post and pin at a time. Social media is the perfect way to interact and build relationships with your customers, so it’s important to get it right over all platforms. Over the coming weeks we will be posting some very important tips about each social media platform to ensure you are doing right. (You’re welcome!)

This week we are focusing on Facebook and how just a few small steps can ensure yours is an invaluable asset to your business.

1. Complete your “About” section correctly.

It is so important to fill out your ‘About’ section correctly and make sure you include all the right content. If a customer is visiting your page, you have obviously drawn their attention and they are interested to find out more, so give them all the information they need. The key details to include are; your business name, contact details, address and website, but whilst you’re there, don’t be afraid to go that extra mile and include a little bit about your company and how you began. For some inspiration on how to create a well thought out ‘about’ section visit Cloudberry Living’s Facebook page where they have followed the guidelines perfectly.

cloudberry_living edited 3

2. Your Cover Photo

This is going to be the first thing that customers will see when they are visiting your Facebook page so make sure it is eye catching and draws them in. A Personal suggestion from us, is to put together a collage of some of your favourite images in your cover photo, followed by your logo as your display picture. Customers will then be able to see straight away what sort of products you sell, allowing you to convey a strong brand image immediately. Mollie and Fred have done this very well, their cover photo is visually appealing, demonstrating straight away what sort of products you will find on their website and displaying a clear logo. See below:


3. Make use of the custom tabs feature

The custom tab feature, as displayed by Molly and Fred above, is an amazing way to direct your customers to your other social media networks and most importantly your website. It is also a great way to showcase your strong social media presence to your customers. To set up these features, it is super easy to create and they look great. You can do this through Woobox’s Static Iframe Tab app, which allows you to redirect clicks to a link of your choice.

 4. Use a vanity URL

A vanity URL is your personal link to direct customers to your site, if you don’t customise it; it will be automatically coded and will look like a jumble of letters and numbers. For a clean sleek look you can make it your business name. For example

Remember, you can only do this once so make sure you pick something you like the first time.

5. Post regularly and include compelling content

It may be an obvious point, but it is all too often that businesses forget what their page has been created for and start to get off track. From a customer’s perspective, there is nothing worse than having your news feed flooded with posts that are irrelevant to you and/or the business page you have liked. Keep your posts regular and exciting to keep your followers interested.

Hunkydory Home has an amazing presence on Facebook, regularly posting new products, special promos and fun content. See below for inspiration.


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