PR Tips for Autumn


Yes – we’re still enjoying spring and summer is just around the corner. But hey, in the PR industry we’re always a few steps (aka months) ahead. Right now is prime time for Australian brands to be working on autumn PR, so we’ve put together a few tips to help you maximise your chances of being in all those autumn features journalists are getting stuck into.

  1. Make sure all your autumn inspired products are on the site – if they wont be available for a while, just insert the “release date” in
  2. Include any relevant key words to your images such as: autumn, orange, burnt orange, burgundy, brown, red, cosy, warm, wooden, leaf, leaves, nature, 2014, whimsical
  3. Be in the know with top trends for autumn 2014: Burgundy, Dazzling Blue, Asian Influences, Graphic Black & White and Up-cycled Furniture are our predictions
  4. Send a press release featuring your beautiful, autumnal pieces

Now, here’s a few of our favourite picks for autumn 2014!

Autumn 2014 interiors trend1. The Design Hunter

2. Zimba

3. Habitat Home Collection

4. Senkki Furniture

5. Satara Australia

6. The Dharma Door