Journalists on Product Images

As you know, quality product images are key to getting good coverage; they’re often the make or break between getting featured or not. What then, makes a perfect product image? We could tell you, but we thought it was best to ask journalists themselves (they are of course who you want to impress!) Here’s what they said:

“…We love a mixture of insitu and deep-etched images, but if they are going to be against a background, lighter is better – it’s harder to work the images in when they are against a black background.  Also, when an image has been deliberately cropped that’s fine, but we tend to shy away from a product that’s completely in frame apart from one tiny section that has been cut off – it often looks like a mistake!”  – Emma Freeman, Home Ideas

I am usually looking for two different kinds of images. I can always use a well lit product photo with a white background as this is versatile for me to design in with the look and feel of my blog. I am always on the look out for lifestyle images too… They should also be well lit, but I am also looking for great styling that considers current trends as seen in magazines and other of-the-moment publications…As a blogger it can be very frustrating to want to feature a product, but the images just haven’t had much love put into them. It makes such a difference to have great images…” – Amanda Fuller, Kaleidoscope Blog

“I look to see if the image is high-res (at least 1MB and 300DPI). I look to see if the price is included and often won’t use an image if it’s not. I also choose an image based on how much information they give on the product (what it’s made of, how it was made, the story behind it etc). The more information provided, the easier it is to write a caption.” — April Ossington, Grand Designs Australia Magazine

So, take note and get your styling kit and camera out or if that’s not your forte, hire a professional!

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