Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair Trends for 2014/2015

trend report

One of our highlights from visiting the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair last week was the presentation of the four key interior trends for 2014 and 2015 they had picked out, with the help of designer and trend expert Jan Rundgren.

It’s tough to choose a favourite, but we’re veering towards the watercolour palette of Aquamarine – which one do you like best?   trend report -secret garden

Secret Garden

Green spaces are inspiring next season’s colour map. Bright, floral, vibrant colours teamed with fresh shades of green, and preferably combined with white and other neutral colours. Secret garden is a combination of rustic retro and contemporary romantic; second hand is a huge source of inspiration that can be mixed with contemporary furniture for an individualistic look.

Homes are furnished with items that work either indoors or outdoors, and there are a lot of new items of furniture whose sole purpose is to display flowers and plants. Chairs with integrated plant holders, a trellis as a room divider feels right – green plants are always welcome in our Nordic homes. We’re still seeing a lot of organic patterns on printed fabrics, bright colours on white backgrounds. Themes can be both naive and naturalistic.

Key words: bright colours, floral, linen, trellis, green scale, romantic, rustic retro, contemporary romantic and green plants.

 trend report -natural elements 1

Natural Elements

The natural world is one of the greatest influences on the coming season. Inspiration comes from the Nordic landscape with its endless vistas. Natural materials, such as stone, wood and glass, dominate this style. Natural elements, represents a contemporary feeling in design and form, with natural materials in furniture and permanent fittings. It’s an exciting mix of wood, metal and leather (which is making a comeback, but in a new way). Basket weave and other plaited details will be appearing on furniture. Expect to see pre-patinated surfaces on both wood and textiles, and a lot of washed linen ahead of next season, both on sofas and bedding. Natural colours will be prevalent. Cold shades of brown, in combination with granite, and with hints of leafy green in nature’s colour scheme.

Key words: wood, washed linen, natural colours, stone, grey scale, leather, patinated surfaces, contemporary design and rustic materials.

trend report -pure classics

Pure Classics

The impersonal style so prevalent in recent years is finally on its way out. The anonymous hotel room feeling or ‘lounge style’ that’s been so dominant in interior contexts has given way to an elegant and sophisticated style with far more individuality – Pure classics. Mixing old and new styles together feels the right way to go. Contours are curvier and the colour scheme is more discreet, with matte pastels perfectly set off with shades of grey. Metals are still popular, especially warmly glowing gold and bronze. Metals are mainly combined with other materials, such as the base of chairs and tables, or as details on furniture and permanent fittings. One of the materials in the spotlight is white marble and we can expect to see more luxurious stone materials.

Key words: classic style, marble, discreet colours, gold/bronze, silk, wall-to-wall carpets, stucco, crystal and contemporary luxury.

 trend report -aquamarine


Aquamarine is a style that updates the traditional maritime feeling. Living close to the sea is a dream for many people; the sea’s fantastic underwater world is a major source of inspiration. The classic marine style is being given a blue-green makeover. Varying blue, green and turquoise colours are an inspiring colour map that we team with white for the summer. Blue-and-white is the summer’s strongest mix – on everything from chinaware to furniture. Blue seems to be one of the most popular colours on upholstered furniture ahead of next season.

Watercolour techniques, with colours running into each other, are used on prints and bring fabrics alive. Wood is the most dominant material for furniture in this style. White-painted garden furniture is perfect for the patio, but grey-coloured ‘driftwood’ wooden furniture is becoming increasingly popular. The style is very Nordic and plays to our deep love of the sea and our fleeting summers.

Key words: blue-green, contemporary marine style, watercolour prints, military stripes, grey wood, block stripes, blue and white.

All trend text courtesy of Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. Show photography by Press Loft UK.