The Secrets to Pinterest for your Business

We all know that social media is crucial for connecting with your customers and growing your business. While tools like Facebook and Twitter  are more about connecting with your current audience, Pinterest – the image pinboard tool with a huge interiors preference – is actually one of the strongest tools for bringing new traffic and sales to your site.

Danielle from online store Form.Function.Style sums it up nicely, “We have the most followers on Facebook but for direct interest and sales the more visual platforms are best – like Pinterest”

If you’re yet to dabble in the land of Pinterest, we recommend just getting in there and having fun with it. It really is such a great (and addictive!) source for creative inspiration and it works differently to other social mediums, as it’s more about collating your own loves rather than trying to connect with others – which can be refreshing in these crazy social media times.

Without losing the fun, inspirational nature of Pinterest, there are a few basic Pinterest tricks to help increase followers, traffic to your site, and, in turn, sales.

1. Most importantly, and the best place to start, pin what you love. Pinning quality will help your account become a source of inspiration, and with your brand name behind you is a perfect way to raise awareness of your company as well as establish yourself as a respected link in the industry.

Pinterest PressloftPress Loft’s Inspirational Interiors Pinterest board.


2. Pin a mixture of images from your own site and from other places – we say around a 60% from your site /40% from elsewhere is good split. Although you want to direct traffic to your own website, its important to come across as genuinely having a passion for the industry in general – it is about sharing beautiful, inspiring images first and foremost.

3. Create a voice – You have room to make a comment, so make it count. A sales-y comment is far less appealing than a genuine, passionate comment. Real personality will give your brand a voice and help make those connections you want.

Pinterest | Press Loft

Pin via Ash Huang.

4. Be descriptive in your comments – this will help images come up in search results for colours or styles (although hash tags are clickable, regular words are searchable too).

5. Consistency is key – give yourself a daily or weekly target and stick to it. For example at Press Loft we stick to 10 pins per day.

6. Lifestyle images tend to do best.

7. Vertical shots are larger  on the page, so pin more of these where you can.

Pinterest Press Loft
Pin via

8. If you have contacts in a similar field you could add them as a ‘contributor’ to one of your boards in order to join forces.

9. Connect your website link to your Pinterest profile as a Business Page.

10. Add your Pinterest page to email signatures along with your other social media badges.

Pinterest, Cumulus Living | Press Loft

Cushion from Cumulus Living.

11. Install Pin it buttons to your own site (either as a hover option or an actual button) so that others can start sharing your content really easily too. Head here for info on how to do this.

12. One last one, for busy people, you can save time by scheduling your pins through a program called Pinwoot.

Most importantly, have fun and pin with love. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your followers, site click-throughs and re-pins grow!