Press Loft USA interviews Australian Journalist, Karsha Green

Karsha Green is a lifestyle journalist with Universal Magazines. 

Universal Magazines is Australia’s largest niche media company, home to many of Australia’s most trusted and in-demand magazines and online destinations. After more than 26 years Universal remains committed to delivering high-quality content to its audiences and targeted media products to clients.

Karsha Green frequently uses Press Loft and explains why…

Why do you use Press Loft?

My colleagues and I use Press Loft to quickly access high resolution images but also to brainstorm ideas, get updated on trends and see what is out in the market at the time.

greens are in style this season!

What would you say is the advantage of using Press Loft vs going directly to a brand for images and content?

Working in the magazine industry, everything is fast paced, so getting material quickly is essential. Press Loft is so quick and easy. Information about the product, the high resolution image and where you can get it from are all there, all you need to do is click to download — no waiting around for a reply email or phone call.

What’s one piece of advice you could give brands that are using Press Loft to increase their downloads and features by journalists?

One piece of advice I could give to brands using Press Loft is to have good images — your product could be amazing but if it hasn’t been photographed properly, it most probably won’t get used.