Tips from a Stylist

Today we are excited to share some styling tips from Emma Blomfield of Nest Designs. After speaking about the importance of good lifestyle images a few weeks ago, we thought we would get some professional insight for you, in case you’re interested in doing a product shoot yourself. Emma’s work is impeccable, so take note!

1. What are some of your top tips for brands looking to style their own shoots?
Research is key, get as much inspiration together as possible because I guarantee it will not turn out exactly the way you picture it in your mind, you’ll need to be prepared to be flexible and creative with any issues that can arise!

2. In terms of theme, how do go about deciding what look to go for? Do you base a theme around the product, brand, or both?
You need to reflect your brand perception and product value. Don’t forget the season you are launching the product in, you can’t style a beautiful beach setting and hope it will help sell the range in winter.

Urban Road catalogue. Photography by Lisa from And A Day Photography.

3. What are some definite things to avoid when styling your own product shoot?
Don’t think you can do it all, hire professionals for anything outside of your own skill set, a good photographer is paramount and they will help guide you in terms of lighting the shoot and product placement if you’re unsure so invest in this area.

4. If a brand is looking to hire a stylist for their product shoot, what price range would companies be looking at typically?
It really depends on the hours involved in the shoot, do you need the stylist to source props as well or do you have your own? Typically styling starts at $75 per hour and is usually quoted on an hourly basis.

Country Farmhouse shoot. Photography by Lisa from And A Day Photography.

See more from Emma’s portfolio here, and stay tuned for next weeks post where we pick the brains of some journalists about lifestyle images and what they’re after!