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Press Loft USA interviews Australian client, Danielle Nichols on why she uses Press Loft

Q&A with Danielle Nichols, owner of Form. Function.Style  

FORM.FUNCTION.STYLE was developed to provide a shopping experience with awareness and with insight – without sacrificing great style.

Why do you use Press Loft? 

I use Press Loft to provide a broader exposure for our products and brand. I’ve found Press Loft is the most cost effective way – with a much higher return.

Some of Form. Function. Style’s products

 Why do you think it’s been so successful for your brand?

I think because we have such a wide range of media friendly products – to suit various editorial pages. It’s something we factor into our buying.

What’s one piece of advice you could give to a brand thinking of trying Press Loft USA for the first time?

Give it a try! Especially with a free trial and with a month by month commitment…you can’t go wrong. When you consider the time involved with case by case PR, sending out high res images, information and links – or the money spent on advertising – you realise how cost effective Press Loft really is. I highly recommend!

All you need is Love… and Press Loft 😉
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