Wedding décor trends of 2014!

With the wedding season right around the corner, be sure to feature your products that can help brides and grooms across the country decorate their wedding with beautiful and unique decor! Here are some examples of clients on Press Loft UK that we’re loving for the 2014 wedding season trends. JonnysSister_431091_PersonalisedWeddingBunting


Color scheme- pink is back!

Pink used to be a staple at weddings in the 80s’ and early 90s’ and now it’s made its comeback! Light pink and even dark statement pink colors are seeing a huge comeback in bridal magazines for the 2014 season. Use these polka pink wine glasses by Annabel James to give your tables a splash of pink influence.

AnnabelJames_931877_PolkaWineGlasses Or try this beautiful pink cake topper by FunkyLaserLimited_941121_AllYouNeedIsLove


This year brides are looking at the finer details that they know will impress their guests. Focusing on elegance and the beautiful details of a wedding that may have been forgotten in previous seasons. This cutlery by Contemporary Home would bring elegance to your wedding TheContemporaryHome_792203_RegencyCakeSlice1500

Center pieces

With the cost of having flower center pieces becoming more expensive, brides are looking for alternative center piece ideas without sacrificing the beauty of flowers—or the smell! More and more weddings are featuring beautiful candle center pieces that both look and smell wonderful creating the perfect ambiance. Gorgeous candle center piece by Ulrich & Christensen

Ulrich&Christensen Design   Mr & Mrs tealight holder by Hampton Blue HamptonBlue_949863_MrMrsTealightHolder Transparent lanterns by In-Spaces



Wedding accessories create beautiful scenery and allow your theme to shine through.

Check out this wedding map seating plan- what a cool and unique idea by Maps International  Incorporate your love of travel and discovering new places, by using one of our very own maps as a table plan. 


Decorate your wedding with hanging decor in whatever color you like! Luck & Luck have various decorations in different colors, shapes and sizes.



Happy 2014 wedding season and congratulations to all the pending bride & grooms out there!