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Spring Love PR Tips | Press Loft Blog

Image from Eco Chic

It might be getting cooler as we head into winter, but as usual, we must stay ahead. With the big title journalists already working on their August issues, it’s time to get focused on spring. This is the perfect opportunity to ensure you secure some excellent features for one of the best seasons for shopping! No season calls for an interior overhaul better than spring!

So, here’s a little check list to help you prepare.

1.Make sure all your spring themed product images are on Press Loft and up-to-date. This is the most important thing! Journalists are browsing the site as we speak for new spring pieces so make sure yours are there, ready to be picked up.

2.Include any relevant key words to your images such as: spring, warm, fresh, new, spring 2014, fun, bright, floral, vibrant, outdoors.

3.Check out the spring interiors trends and promote your products around these. We’ve spotted: pastels, nature motifs, bunnies, chickens, gardening, bright splashes of colour, bringing the outdoors in.

4.Send a press release featuring some of your spring inspired pieces – things that celebrate outdoor living, help with spring cleans and overhauls, and that generally have that fresh feel.

Below is some inspiration!


Spring Love PR Tips | Press Loft Blog

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