Father’s Day PR Tips

Father's Day PR Tips | Press Loft Blog

Vegas Boneyard Letter Lights used in this image by Fromage la Rue

Long lead journalists (like monthly magazines) are working on Father’s Day features now, so now is the perfect time to upload those great gifts ideas to your Image Library! When preparing for a particular date like this, there are a few things to make sure you do:

  • Add keywords to your images like: Dad, Father’s Day, gift, male, Father, present, for him
  • Include the price – lots of journalists will do gift guides defined by cost e.g. Under $50, Under $100
  • As well uploading and updating relevant images, send a press release. It’s the perfect time to share any new gifty product lines you’re stocking, or just give some ideas for Father’s day.

If we can help with anything, please just get in touch: info@pressloft.com.au – we want you to get the most coverage this Father’s Day you can!

And, just for fun, here’s some Father’s Day inspiration!
Father's Day PR Tips | Press Loft Blog

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