May is National Salad Month


Sagaform Oak Wood Serving Hands from from The Scandinavian Shop

Did you know May is national salad month? Neither did we until today. In 1992 the Association for Dressings and Sauces (also known as ADS) decided that we needed to eat our greens (and they needed to sell more dressing) and announced May was to be National Salad Month. They also did a pole, confirming salad tastes better with dressing (surprised!?).

Carrot Salad Servers from The Gift Oasis

You may be reading this and thinking “I want to eat healthy but it’s boring, what can we do to make it more fun?” Well, that’s a very good question– my advice is to get these funky dressing bottles. It’s a known fact (see above) that salad is better with dressing and with these exciting bottles you can dress up that salad like it’s heading to prom. They would look pretty chic on the dinner table too!

dressing bottles Sagaform Carafes and Oil & Vinegar Bottles from The Scandinavian Shop

Another query expressed by salad protesters around the world is “I just don’t get the appeal of lettuce, its rabbit food.” Well, exciting news, the term salad can mean any mixture of hot or cold foods including fruits and vegetables, nuts and croûtons. So grab a chopping board and some sharp knives and get creative! Spice things up and leave out the lettuce– there are no rules in salad making (except knife safety). In the meantime check out these fun kitchen gadgets to help excite the iron chef within.

Picture 010

Sagaform Herb Cradle from The Scandinavian Shop

Even though May is nearly over, it’s not too late to hop on the (bunny food) wagon. You can still eat salads in June too and what better way than to kit out your kitchen with these cool salad tools.

bunnyboardchopBunny Chopping Board from Letitreign