Twitter 101

We all know that social media is important, it helps us connect to the world around us and allows us to communicate with like-minded people across the globe. Twitter is famous for its concise messaging and the real-time interaction you can have with other tweeters. But if you’re going to use twitter for business—what rules should you follow? twitter 101 Press Loft We’ve listed the six most useful tools on twitter to help explain what they are and how you can use them to your full advantage! 1 – Tweeting Get your message across in 140 characters. At first, it takes some practice, but it’s exactly what great communication is all about. In order to get your message across start with a few snappy first few words, be sure to use a hashtag (#) to allow others in your field to find you; for example if you are tweeting about a new decoration line for spring you may want to hashtag #decoration if you search “decoration” on twitter your tweet will show up and, in turn, gain you more followers. tweet 2 – Re-tweet Are you following prominent interior and design journalists or bloggers? If your answer if no – then you should! If your answer is yes – make sure you re-tweet tweets that they put out that are relevant to your brand. Maybe they have written a story on décor trends or maybe they have posted a photo of their before and after DIY; sharing these stories with your own followers will show that you have your finger on the pulse of your industry. 3 – Favourite Favourting a tweet () is twitter’s equivalent to a Facebook “like,” it’s your brand saying ‘I like this’, but maybe not enough to re-tweet. It could be something from a journalist or potential client that’s not quite relevant to your brand, but you still want to grab their attention. 4 – Creating lists Once you’ve been using your twitter account for a while, you can start to forget why you followed certain accounts (and you may want to start contacting someone, for say, the winter season but it’s only the spring!) creating a list of twitter accounts that are relevant to your brand can really help you organise and ensure you’re using twitter to its fullest potential. 5 – Private messages Once you’re ready to contact people on the list you can always send them a private message. If you notice that they’re a blogger and they have written a series on the latest trends – get ahead of them! Message them and suggest that they write a trends list for the next season and link to your trends. Remember they have to be following you as well to be able to send them a message! 6 – Mentions Mentions are great and always make sure you mention the brands’ twitter handle, or journalists’ twitter handle if you’re linking to their story. Mentions are great for creating brand recognition and repertoire among current and future clients. Don’t forget to mention twitter accounts who tweeted your favourite tweets of the week in your weekly follow Friday mention! Ex: #ff @jennysmithdecor @decomag @susyg Mention  ….and don’t forget to follow @pressloft to improve your Press Loft experience
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