Handy Tech Tools For Your Business

handy tech tools for your businessImage from Aero Designs

Discovering a new app or tech tool that makes your day-to-day lives much easier can be a magical moment. After using them for a while you couldn’t possibly imagine a work day without them and (if you’re like us) they become the talk of the office like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. We thought we would share a few extra tools that we use here at Press Loft which we find super helpful – hopefully you do too!


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A social media dashboard application that lets you manage your Twitter accounts. By offering a way to categorize who you follow into lists, and then display either lists or particular searches in columns on your deck, Tweetdeck makes is easy to keep up with your various connections – key if you’re following a lot of people. You can easily post  from various Twitter accounts and also schedule tweets in advance – rather nifty!


Top Tools | Press Loft Blog

If you like your lists as much as we do, Todoist will rock your world. It’s an online and mobile task manager with all the categorisation functions you could wish for. You can group, colour code, share lists with other people, postpone a task (yes!) set recurring tasks, add reminders to emails in your inbox, add notes to tasks as you get them. We love it.


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A simple way to share screengrabs or short videos from your computer screen and insert text/arrows/highlighting etc. Basically the little ‘Jing’ tool sits in the corner of your computer at all times, click it anytime to select your screengrab section and then it provides various options as to how to share it: save, copy, or via link. It’s super simple and we use it ALL the time.


Top Tools | Press Loft Blog

If you don’t have access to Adobe Photoshop need a free photo editing program, Gimp is great. It has all the basic functions to manipulate and image and is nice and simple to use. Do you use any handy tech tools in your office that you couldn’t live without? We’d love to hear. What is Press Loft? Press Loft  www.pressloft.com is a PR platform specialising in the home, gift, and lifestyle sectors that helps thousands of brands to get their products into the press. Their PR tools allow companies to easily secure press coverage and quality backlinks for SEO by connecting with their network of 20,000+ journalists, bloggers, and influencers. Get Free Press Coverage – take a 60-day free trial (only available to new customers only.