Fall and Autumn trends for 2014

an autumn romance

Fall 2014 is all about earth tones and a return to nature.

The hottest interior designers and decor gurus are naming this coming fall the year of:  “Fall Naturals” . It’s all about making your home feel at one with nature and the outdoors. We’ve picked up some of these latest trends from our fabulous Press Loft clients who are all in the “know” when it comes to fall home fashion.

Mix and match rich clay colors with deep reds or browns.   orange

  1. Chickadee Garden Bird PillowPillow Decor
  2. Marrakech Burnt Orange Short & Tall VasesiDecorate Weddings
  3. Pine Glitz Porcelain Nut Bowl dbO HOME
  4. Fall wicker basketCloth and Goods


Another fall trend that we’re seeing everywhere are rich grays mixed with creamy whites to give your home and sleek and modern look for fall.

Soften stoneware with warm wools and hardwoods are the some of the modern sleek trends demonstrated by our brilliant Press Loft clients…



  1. Rug Grey white Atolyia
  2. Waterfall Table and ChairDon Howell Joinery
  3. Odyssey Blue and white tiles – Original Style