I’ve got 99 problems but a zip ain’t one.

Im going to be a geek (1)
Im going to be a geek – Image from Two Little Boys Ltd.
Welcome to the first post from the Press Loft tech team! We have decided to create our own little area on the blog where we can talk about the things we love: code, software & the web! After working away for months on the new site we’d thought we would come out of the darkness and talk about what we are up to behind the scenes. In recent weeks we have been working obsessively to increase the performance of the site in all areas, primarily in page load times. In order to achieve this, we implemented new optimization techniques within our infrastructure. One way we have done this is to compress the files using GZIP so when they get delivered to your browser, they have been made considerably smaller, all without affecting the user experience. Smaller files, quicker load times! We have also been working to improve the load times of our CSS, JavaScript and site assets. Methods range from simply minifying our JavaScript libraries all the way up to modifying cache time lengths of our CSS files & images (excluding brands’ images to preserve quality) so that they can be delivered to your screen faster. As well as all this, we have been working closely with our hosting providers to open up new ways to allow users’ to concurrently access their information without slowing the site down. So as we mentioned, we’ve been busy. With all of these changes now live, users’ will notice vastly improved performance across the entire site. So search, create and upload away! Have a great weekend. Press Loft tech team. What is Press Loft? Press Loft  www.pressloft.com is a PR platform specialising in the home, gift, and lifestyle sectors that helps thousands of brands to get their products into the press. Their PR tools allow companies to easily secure press coverage and quality backlinks for SEO by connecting with their network of 20,000+ journalists, bloggers, and influencers. Get Free Press Coverage – take a 60-day free trial (only available to new customers only.