Festival Fever

Festival Fever

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Festival Fever

Image: Sydney.com

With the hot, backyard-barbequing, beach-visiting, ice-cream gorging days of the summer season in Australia, also comes another long-awaited time of year – Festival Season.

Whether it’s music festivals, food and wine exhibitions, arts and culture fun – whatever! It is always a time in Australia that is warmly welcomed.

With that in mind – we’ve put together some of the essentials that no festival-goer should be without.

1. Water bottle – to keep yourself hydrated in the harsh summer sun

2. Watch – so you can keep track of time of when to run and find your next event

3. Tent – if the festival is an overnighter

4. Bag – to keep all your belongings close

5. Sunglasses – not only to block out the UV rays but also to complete your festival outfit


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Some festivals to look forward to this summer:


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