Tips for Halloween Decor

Nygala Corp / FLOMO
Nygala Corp / FLOMO

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Halloween is just around the corner… so what are the latest trends for decorating your home with spooky and spectacular home decor? We’ll feature some of the top home decor gifts on Press Loft to inspire some super scary ideas to make your home and guests really get into the season!

Sophisticated signs 

Halloween decor doesn’t have to be cheesy. In fact, it can be a great way to add some fun chic decor to your home. This sign is a great example of Halloween decor that would be perfect for the family room, kitchen or dining room.

Door Hangers

Everyday spooky-ness 

Get in the Halloween spirit wherever you are! This skull ipad cover ensures you’re in the spooky-mood wherever you are!

Happy Halloween candles! 

Great smelling Halloween Candles for the bedroom, bathroom or hallway!

Skull Pillow 

Who says you can’t have scary comfort? This skull decor pillow is both Halloween appeasing and add comfort to your couch or bed!