Which Products?

With literally thousands of products across Press Loft’s libraries in the UK, Australia, Germany and France, it can be hard to pinpoint just which products you should be highlighting in press releases in order to secure editorial coverage.

Never fear, we’ve asked our fabulous team which types of products they believe make the best press release subjects:

Dana Krzemienski (DE): New product launches – these need to be promoted to the press 2-4 months prior to launch date to ensure maximum coverage when the product launch actually happens.

Will Ibbetson (UK): Products that are unique or exclusive to your company that have never been seen before in the press

Emeline Carre (FR): Products with a Unique Selling Point (USP); something specific that will pique the journalists’ interest e.g. ethically produced, handmade etc.

Morgan (AU): Products with strong cut out imagery, or products with aspirational lifestyle imagery that have accompanying high res cut outs of the individual products

Florine Lindner (DE): Products which make perfect gifts for specific events, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas

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