5 minutes with Fabric of my Life blog

This week we asked a few questions to the well-known Kate Baxter from the blog Fabric of My Life about where she finds inspiration for her blog, tips for approaching bloggers as a brand and asked her to do a selection of her favorite products on Press Loft. 1.) What do you love most about being an interior design, lifestyle & travel blogger? I enjoy discovering new designers, inspirational imagery and exciting places to explore through my blog, then sharing these finds with others. I love all the likeminded friends I’ve made since I started blogging and all the opportunities I’ve had to travel to interesting places as a result of these friendships and connections. Most of all I love the sense of fulfillment that comes from pursuing something you enjoy doing, through the good times and the tough… because blogging isn’t all freebies and glasses of fizz, it’s damn hard work 95% of the time! 2.) Your blog is ever growing; do you have any tips for brands looking to start their own blog for their business? Just get started. You can agonise over getting the first post right for weeks but at the end of the day you have to press ‘submit’ eventually. Getting started and finding your routine is the best way to go; you don’t have to share the links with the world until you’re happy with a series of posts and have begun to find your groove. Also, ask yourself why you want to blog? Blogging from the heart about things you feel passionate about is always going to resonate more with your audience that posts designed simply to sell, sell, sell. 3.) What topics do you blog about / what types of things do you want to hear about from brands/creatives? I write about contemporary interior design, food and travel, with the occasional fashion post thrown in for good measure. I’m always keen to hear about new designers and products that fit my blog aesthetic (so, nothing overly floral or chintzy!) particularly if there is a good underlying story to the design or creative process. 4.)  What are your top 3 tips for brands when approaching bloggers to feature their products? The most important thing is to have actually bothered to look at the blog you are approaching – the number of pitches I get proclaiming a product to be ‘perfect’ for my site when it is blatantly not is mind-boggling. It also helps to remember that most bloggers have full time jobs and only blog in the evenings/weekends, so sending multiple follow-up emails in a short space of time is a sure-fire way to annoy someone who is already short on time. If a blogger likes your pitch they will get back in touch, it might just take them a few days. Thirdly, it helps to have a clear objective and be upfront when approaching a blogger. If you have budget to pay for a post, or have product available for review, then say so. If not, then be clear as to why you feel your products are well suited to their blog and offer suggestions on how you could work together to build a lasting relationship. 5.) How do you find time and inspiration to keep writing about what you love? I literally have no idea where I find time!  I’m lucky that when I first started my blog I had time to build up a regular post schedule and genuine love for the format (read: floundering freelancer) so that even now, when I have my own successful PR and Communications agency to run, I couldn’t imagine not blogging. My blog is my creative outlet and so much a part of the person I am now that I get very anxious if a few too many days have gone past without having found time to check in on it. 6.) You have been travelling a lot this last few years; it must open up so many opportunities for your blog! Which location would you say you’re most inspired and why? I’ve been incredibly lucky to have traveled with my blog over the past few years to places as diverse as Morocco, Johannesburg, Norway and New York. I’m inspired whenever and whereever I travel but am always most creatively charged when I visit Scandinavian cities. The design ethos in Helsinki, Copenhagen and Stockholm always makes me draw breath as every element of urban living has been planned out to perfection in both it’s aesthetic and functionality. 7.)Who are some of your fave international bloggers at the moment? I love Veda House by St. Louis-based graphic designer Cassie, and Coco Lapine Design by Sarah, a Belgian designer in Berlin. 8.) What is your favourite interior design trend at the moment? I’m still a big fan of the urban jungle trend that is having a huge moment just now; succulents and cacti are the kind of houseplants I can get on board with. 9.) Any trend predictions for this summer? I love Dulux’s prediction that the arid tones of the desert (yellow ochre, burnt orange, sandy tans) and rich earth tones of sepia, sienna and baked clay will be big news come summer 2015; it’s such a beautiful and transformative colour palette. 10) Can you select 5 products you would like to see in your apartment on Press Loft? Kate's selection 1. Rug from Loaf.com 2. Chair from David Irwin 3. Wool trow from AtNo67 4. Cushion from Nazanin Kamali 5. Lamp from Another Country Kate Baxter can be found at October Communications during the day and on her blog Fabric Of My Life during nights and weekends! 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