Winter Is Coming


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One of our favourite shows will be back on the air in just under a month – you guessed it, we all knew it (if you didn’t, then be ashamed of yourself) – Game of Thrones.

It appears that Game of Thrones has had more than the intended effect – that being, entertaining us in excess and making us wonder what to do with our lives during the 10 month drought when the show is off the air – as modern medieval décor has become a popular trend of late.

The look is perfectly suited for those colder months, and as winter is coming (see what we did there?), it’s the perfect time to try it out – rich leather lounges, large textured throws and animal-lined rugs.  Here are some of our favourites.


1. Eco Chic

2. Two Girls and a Container

3. Zanui

4. Down That Little Lane

5. Bambury

6. Alliance Furniture Trading

7. The Design Hunter


Header Image: Ludlow Stoves