Top 5 tips for preparing for 2016 PR

As the silly season passes and the new year begins now is the perfect time to get organised to score all those extra features throughout 2016! With journalists working across long lead and short lead dates it’s important to have a plan of action so you are prepared to meet their deadlines and secure those all important features. Here are our top 5 tips to help you get the ‘PR’ ball rolling this year…
  1. It’s Seasonal – First of all it’s important to divide your year up into seasons Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer is the best way to do this to work ahead of time. Look at new products, collections and their relevance to each season to have them ready to pitch to journalists.  Remember long lead journalists work 4 to 5 months in advance but don’t worry it’s not too late to catch the short lead journos who work only 1 to 4 weeks in advance!
  2. Happy Holidays – Plan out all holidays, public holidays, events and important days throughout the year and mark out any relateable products. Journalists are always working on gift guides and product features for holidays so if your product could make the perfect gift remember to include this in your keywords!
  3. New, new, new – Note any new collections or big sales coming up. These make for perfect press release topics and are a great way to gain some extra exposure for your brand.
  4. Fresh is best – The new year is the perfect time to give your Press Loft account a makeover. Make sure you refresh your images, add new keywords to old images, update any prices or product info and make sure all your product images are still available should they be featured.
  5. All the Images – Remember to upload all your new images to your account on Press Loft so our journalists can start downloading. You’ve got to be in it to win it!
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