PR & Seasonal Subjects

House of Fraser

To make sure you’re not missing any PR opportunities when sending press releases, we’ve summarised the major events and key dates throughout the year for targeting publications in the Northern Hemisphere, so you’ll know what you should talk about, and when, to be part of seasonal features (spring, summer, holidays, Easter, Halloween, Christmas…).

  • Long Lead date: Quarterly, bi-monthly and monthly glossy magazines regularly work between 2 and 5 months ahead of seasonal events. It’s very important to have your high res seasonal images available for journalists to download this far in advance, and you’ll benefit from sending out a relevant press release to make them aware of your images.
  • Short Lead date: To get press coverage for the weekly magazines and daily newspapers, we recommend having your images ready to download 0 to 2 months prior to the season/event.

Top Tip: Timeliness is key with press releases. Send them out as early as possible to alert long-lead journalists about your seasonal products. Nearer to the event date, you can then follow up with a release aimed at short-lead publications and last-minute long-lead publications; that way you cover all bases!

If it’s your first time writing a press release and you need a little help, make sure to read this blog post!


RP & saisonalité des sujets UK2 (1)*Please note that this infographic is only relevant for brands in the north hemisphere!