Tech Function’s Introduction to Public Relations Guide


Do you ever find tackling all facets of public relations for your business a little confusing? Do you often wonder what does public relations really mean and how can it help my business?

We recently spoke to the guys at Tech Function – an online platform teaching you how to grow your business – and thought their new ‘Introduction Guide to Public Relations’ would be a handy read for Press Loft users.

It’s a free online guide which discusses all various channels and their effectiveness in reaching your target audience.

Created for everyone from new start-up companies looking to make their presence known, to businesses that have been established for decades, this guide provides tools and tips for navigating social media and traditional press and using them to create a more lucrative business.

Here’s a little more about what you can expect:

  • Leading with a history of public relations (Fun Fact: Whether they realized it or not, ancient Greeks and Romans used PR to further their political careers!), this guide delves into where PR began and how it’s grown and evolved with technology into the digital age.
  • Next up is learning from PR pros with examples of posts from the best in the business for inspiration and quick tips, followed by information on developing a strategy for stretching the reaches of business campaigns and getting the most out of your public presence.
  • Lastly,  learn about digital PR and how to use social media to promote your brand and communicate with the press and public alike.

Whether you choose to scroll through the entire guide or navigate to the topics you’re most interested in, you’re sure to feel more prepared for the PR journey ahead of your business when you’re done!

Happy reading…. check out the guide here

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