5 minutes with Patricia Mendes from 4 the Love of Paris…

This week we have sat down with Patricia Mendes founder of 4 the Love of Paris and talked all things inspirational about her business venture. Showing us it’s all about following your dreams…


1. How did 4 The Love of Paris come about? Had you always been interested in opening an online store?

It was just another busy housework Friday, almost a year ago whilst chatting away to a dear friend trying to distract ourselves from the enormous task of bathrooms and laundry day that the seed for my creative business idea was planted.
My wonderful friend had recently discovered the work of the Hess sisters and had to tell me all about it. Personally I had been living under a pile of laundry for the past 9 years so unfortunately, a little out of touch. My passion for fashion was in hiding in fear of vomit stains and greasy fingers. I don’t blame it, I sometimes hid myself…
I had not yet become aware of these amazing inspirational women, fellow fashion and illustration lover’s who had made a living out of their sketches!
I was a little out of touch, but my dear friend who I had been sending endless pics of my sketches, suggested I give it a go.
To which I replied … “Me? I’m just simply not good enough.” Much to her disapproval.
I sometimes wish we saw ourselves through the eyes of our loved ones. It turns out many creative types have a tendency to be super insecure.
Yet this seed had started to sprout and I began to dabble with the possibility. After months of listening to my inner critic, telling me…
“your work is just not good enough”
“as if anyone’s going to take you seriously”
“where are you going to find the time?” and so on and so on …….
I decided one day to ask my inner critic to kindly take a back seat. And I stopped listening.
Almost an outer body experience. So often I could hear myself say to my daughter “follow your passion”.
I am such a strong believer of this and yet I was sitting back and letting life fly by, not giving it a go. I decided to take my own advice and lead by example.

2. What makes one of your pieces the perfect fit for 4 The Love of Paris?

The illustrations are the perfect fit, for 4 The love of Paris, and have so many uses, if not just for prints I am able to use them to create unique and exclusive materials that go on to making Homewares.

3. Your prints are so lovely and diverse, do you draw inspiration for your illustrations from anywhere in particular?

I am inspired by everything Beautiful, and find it quite a challenge to narrow it down to a specific pattern hence its diversity, I would have to say the world is my inspiration.

I believe it keeps my work interesting as you never know what I’ll do next

Plus there is just too much beauty in this world yet to be captured.

4. In terms of PR and Marketing for your business, what have you found most successful so far?

So far Press loft has been an incredible source and channel, not quite sure how I could show case my products to such a large press platform.


Eternal Print

5. Do you use social media for your business, have you found this to be a useful tool?

Yes, Social Media has been the best tool to reach potential customers.

6. What has been one of the most exciting points for 4 The Love of Paris?

I would have to say having my work be purchased and placed on customers wall has been incredible on its own, but recently having my prints selected from hundreds of applicants for a filmed Reno Project with a huge social media outreach has been an incredible high point.

7. Do you have a favourite illustration or illustrations from your collection?

Hard because they all have some deep meaning but the Maternal collection was special to me, I have three children and each was dedicated to one of them.

8. If you could give one piece of advice to someone looking to start an online business what would that be?

To remember that a beautiful flower grows through the dirt.

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Header image: Monte