8 Podcasts to Listen to Now

What podcasts are you listening to right now? From true crime documentaries to thrilling dramas to the best radio shows, we’re pretty spoilt for choice.

The boom of podcast means there are tons of great shows out there. But it’s not just for entertainment. Want to learn a language? Need to brush up on your political knowledge? Or looking for some industry insight? There’s most certainly a podcast out there that can help.

This is definitely true of the Marketing, PR world and Design World, where you’ll find tons of prolific pod-casters wanting to share their knowledge, experiences and expertise. For the best industry info and inspiration, here are eight PR Marketing & Design podcasts you should listen to now!

  1. Hashtag Authentic – for Instagram, Blogging and beyond

If you’re lacking in social media mojo, Hashtag Authentic could be just the podcast for you. Presented by Sara Tasker (Me&Orla) – writer, photographer and Instagrammer extraordinaire – this show provides insider tips and strategies for growing your own online audience.

  1. How to Curate Your Life

This podcast (started from Entrepreneur, founder and owner of SMUG lifestyle store) is sure to reawaken your motivation, particularly if you’re feeling a little ground down by your creative or entrepreneurial endeavors. It’s all about achieving that holy grail of a good work-life balance. Find inspiration and get tips on how to nourish and get satisfaction from all areas of your life.

  1. Janet Murray

Janet Murray of Soulful PR offers a range of excellent podcasts. Her 200+ shows give practical guidance on everything from sales funnels to social media strategy, live streaming to big live events. Whatever your business or your niche, there’s plenty of super-useful stuff here.

  1. Marketing Over Coffee

Marketing Over Coffee is a weekly podcast hosted by marketers John Wall and Christopher Penn. In 20 minute bite-size shows (perfect for your mid-morning coffee break) they discuss the latest marketing news as well as both traditional and cutting edge marketing strategies.

  1. The Chaise Lounge: Interior Design

If you have a design business, The Chaise Lounge should definitely feature on your podcast download list. Every week, presenter Nick May examines the business rather than the creative side of the industry. He regularly interviews top designers from around the world and delves into the strategies they employed to achieve success.

  1. Clever

Another podcast for designers, the hosts of Clever interview a different designer every two weeks. Finding out about their careers, the challenges they overcame and the success they’ve achieved is sure to give you a great little motivation boost.

  1. Ecommerce Pulse

For everything ecommerce, Ecommerce Pulse has it covered. This podcast looks at a number of key ecommerce issues such as starting and marketing an online business as well as the tools and tech that come in handy.

  1. Beyond Social Media

Beyond Social Media offers all marketers, PRs and business owners a weekly dose of irreverent, fast-paced marketing chat. The show’s two hosts look at marketing fails and successes over the past week as well as the best new tools for promoting your brand.

Whether you’re looking for some marketing and PR top tips or just a little inspiration, fit a few of these podcasts into your working week and you’re sure to find it.