Interiors & Lifestyle Hashtags to use for Your Business

In a nutshell, hashtags are a ‘#’ sign followed by a word or phrase – pretty simple right? On Instagram, they’re used to group together images belonging to a certain topic. For example, #dogsofinstagram is often used to tag photos of our four-legged friends (perfect for brands selling pet products!) while #shelfie is used for showing off shelf styling and the products on them.

Users can search for Instagram content using hashtags. This means they can find new accounts and new brands (like yours!) to follow. Using the right hashtags for your brand is a great way to attract new followers whose interests align with your brand.

Top Interior & Home Decor Industry Hashtags

If you’re new to the world of hashtags, the first thing you should do is take a look at the top hashtags being used in your industry. A great way to find these is to look at top Instagrammers in your industry and see what tags they are using – think competitor brands, magazines, interior influencers etc.

The selection below is a great general starting point:

#decor                            #homestyle                     #homeinspo              #interior   

           #homewares                         #homedecor                #interiordesign 

      #interiorinspiration                       #interior4all

    #homedesign                       #instahome                                  #interiorstyling 

#interior123                    #flatlay           #interiorforinspo

Then think about hashtags for your niche or a current trend that suits your product type, the below are really popular:

#scandinaviandesign                   #scandinavianhome         #scandinavianstyle

#plantsonpink                        #christmasdecorations                  #christmasdecor

  #bohostyle                        #retrostyle                                      #beachhouse                                #countrylife

          #countrystyle                     #urbanjungle                      #DIY

          #walldecor                                        #minimalist                                   #whiteinterior

Great examples of brands using Hashtags:

Five Tips for Using Hashtags on Instagram

But being successful on Instagram isn’t just about using as many popular hashtags as possible. Including the right tags in the right way is key if you want to be at the top of your Insta game. Here are a few tips on using hashtags with Instagram:

1. Use the Right Hashtags for your Business. The aim of the game is to attract relevant shoppers to your page, so scrap the irrelevant tags and focus on the right tags for your business. The easiest way to find popular tags, tags for your niche or even great local trending tags is by checking out what hashtags your rival brands and industry influencers are using. A site like Websta can really simplify this process.

2. Don’t Use Too Many Hashtags. Using too many hashtags is a big no-no. It’s spammy and unprofessional. It can also affect your post visibility. Around ten hashtags per post is recommended.

3. Hide your Instagram Hashtags. Hashtags can look messy and unappealing on your feed. Hide them by including them as a comment on your post rather than a caption. By writing your hashtags in this way, you can make them even less obvious to users.

4. Use Specific or Niche Hashtags. The more specific the hashtag, the more engaged and relevant the audience will be. Type in a hashtag to Instagram’s search bar and you’ll be able to see how many posts with that hashtag already exist, and it will also recommend similar tags which may be more suitable.

5. Create your Own Brand Hashtag. This is perfect if you’re doing a specific campaign or you want a dedicated place to show off your company’s products. It’s a great idea to encourage your own customers to start doing the same and share how they style/use your product. Just do some research first to check your brand hashtag idea isn’t already being used by somebody else.

The more you research and experiment with hashtags, the more instinctively you’ll use them. And it’s really important that you do. With the right interiors and lifestyle hashtags, you could boost your Instagram following, brand profile, website hits and ultimately, your bottom line.


You can now follow hashtags on Instagram

To make posts with hashtags even more discoverable, Instagram has now introducing hashtags you can follow.

Following a hashtag is just like following a friend, the hashtag won’t move every post using that tag into your feed, but will just show the “best” ones. To get started, search for a topic you’re interested in or tap on a hashtag from any post. When you find a hashtag you like, open the hashtag page and tap on the follow button. If you are tired of following a particular hashtag, simply “un-follow” that hashtag at any time.


To give you more ways to find hashtags you might like, you can check out the hashtags other people follow in their profiles.

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