Tips for Getting Publicity in the Home Decor, Gifts & Lifestyle Media

Looking for exposure for your brand and your products? Take a look at our top tips for getting publicity in the home décor, gifts and lifestyle media:

Research Media Outlets
Every home décor, gift or lifestyle media outlet will have its own personality. You need to learn about this personality and the audience it appeals to. A little research will also help you to understand the type of content they like to create and the way in which they present products. This will help you decide which publications to pitch to and how to structure your pitch.

Write a Catchy Press Release
The press release you send to a publication needs to be on point. It should be well-written and free from grammatical errors. Keep it short and sweet and rely on the journalist to get in touch if they need any extra info. And adapt the introductory email  to the publication and the journalist you’re pitching to.

Above all, remember that a journalist needs an angle if they’re going to write about your brand or your products. So emphasise what is particularly relevant or different about the story you’re pitching.

Don’t forget to include your contact details, website, prices and images.

Pitch Your Products for Gift Guides
Gift guides are a great place to showcase your products. Consider which of your products work best as gifts for this specific occasion – price, packaging and colour all play a part. For instance, red and gold items are a better sell at Christmas, whilst pastels are better for Mother’s Day. The items you pitch should be indulgent, relatively affordable and they should always photograph well.

When pitching items for the gift guides, think like an editor. That means working out which common gift guide categories your items could fall into. It could be “Gifts for under £10” or “Gifts for a Gadget Lover” or “Gifts for a Trendsetting Teen”. Pitching with this in mind makes it easier for an editor to see where your products will fit with their format. Then include a number of gifts and low-res images in your email.

Pitch on Time
Every home décor, gift or lifestyle journalist is working to a deadline. So don’t send a time-sensitive pitch in the morning, expecting it to get published that afternoon. Give a journalist time to research and write a story and still make it topical.

The publications they write for are working to print deadlines too. You need to be aware of lead times (how far in advance content needs to be submitted) in order to get your pitch to the right person at the right time. This is especially important if you’re pitching for a particular season or event – for instance, Easter or Halloween.

Don’t Forget the Power of Influencers
It’s not just traditional media outlets that can help to promote your business and your products. Head to social media or check out Press Loft Premium to stay up-to-date with the best industry influencers.

These people can share your products and your brand with thousands of loyal and engaged followers. They will do so in an authentic way. It won’t come across as salesy but it will have a real impact on your bottom line.

Be prepared to pay for their services. But then expect an expertly crafted Instagram image or YouTube video or blog post in return.

There are a number of avenues to pursue when trying to get publicity for your gift or interiors brand. Whichever you choose, remember that any media coverage needs to be in keeping with your brand image and relevant to your audience.   

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