How Press Loft works for PR Agencies

Press Loft was originally built for PR agencies after I was brainstorming for ideas on how to scale my PR agency Zero2one. I realised that most of my time was spent on typing out caption information and sending images on emails, rather than doing the more strategic side of PR or pitching for new clients; going to events, and networking with journalists.  

I was also reluctant to hire a bigger team and felt there must be a simpler way to manage my client’s images and make them available to journalists whenever they wanted them. So I hired a developer and started building a PR platform! Once it launched, journalists started to download my client’s images daily – generating coverage 24/7 without any time spent from me – I knew I was on to a winner, and that’s how Press Loft was born!

Some PR’s have felt threatened by Press Loft in the past and see us as competitors but, apart from reassurances and showing them all of the PR companies that use us already, I think a good way to describe us is that we are like Prime Location, like Rightmove for estate agents. We would never replace the work they do, just make it easier for their clients to be seen and help PR agencies generate hundreds of pieces of press coverage. On Press Loft, PR agency’s clients are visible at the right time when journalists are working on their articles.

To summarise the key ways Press Loft helps PR Agencies:

Image management 

Organising clients images – just upload and caption them once – making them available to your team and journalists without having to find/re-caption the images time and time again. An online press office is created for your client and for your agency, facilitating the work you do when sending images to journalists. 

Image Delivery 

You can use our image delivery system to send fully-captioned images to yourself to send on to the journalist leads you have – or send them directly from Press Loft to the journalists.

Boost Coverage

We have a network of 19k journalists locally and around the world. You can boost your clients’ coverage considerably by making their products available to the journalists on our network. 

International PR

You can offer international PR support to your clients through Press Loft – sending press releases, translating them, and promoting their products to a global audience of journalists. This can mean a great additional income for your agency.

Tracking and Reporting 

Most of the time, it is very hard to track which images have been sent where – with our image delivery system you can track the number of images downloaded and sent by you, making reporting much easier.

Press Loft is, above all else, a way for PRs to save time – time finding the journalists, time writing and rewriting caption information and time generating that all-important coverage to keep clients happy.

Join us by having a free trial on Press Loft.

This article was written by Nicola Snell, Founder of Press Loft and Zero2one PR.