Pantone colour of the year 2021 – Press Loft predicts

It is that time of year again! Each year in December, the Pantone Colour Institute issues the Pantone® Colour Trend Report, forecasting the top colour for the upcoming season. When a colour of the year is announced, journalists use these for features in the press, leading to widespread press coverage containing related colour-themed products. 

Image: Pantone

Last year, the Pantone colour of the year Classic Blue received over 8,000 downloads on Press Loft (which will translate to 3-4000 pieces of press coverage for our clients), so we expect to see the new Pantone colour of the year storm through the interior world and in the press once again. Here at Press Loft, we have made some predictions as to what we think the Pantone colour of the year could be in 2021. 

Image: Le Creuset

Purple Rose brings a sense of joy and peacefulness, which is important in these uncertain times. Pantone released Ultra Violet in 2018 as the colour of the year, which is quite similar to this one. It could be an indication that 2018 was a great year and bringing back this violet hue in a slightly different shade could symbolise that.

Image: Desenio

Lava Falls is a dramatic and rich colour tone. This is a colour that Pantone haven’t released as a colour of the year, the closest colour of the year to this would be Marsala selected in 2015. It could potentially be the time to start introducing sharper colours again although because this hue could be linked to the covid pandemic, we have doubts about whether it will be chosen as the colour of the year for 2021.

image: Mint & May

Illuminating might be a perfect colour for Pantone to select as their colour of the year for 2021. Due to the current pandemic, a bright yellow colour would be great to lift the spirits and spread positivity throughout the world. This bright shade is one of a kind and is definitely a strong contender in our opinion.

Image: Desenio

We have started to see a lot of muted colours over the past year, and especially because of the pandemic, more and more people are using more neutral shades in their homes as it brings a sense of calmness. Macchiato represents neutral tones perfectly but takes its own direction into a darker shade. This colour would appeal to the mass as it is versatile, soft and calming, making it an ideal colour for interior spaces.

Image: Cuckooland

Although we aren’t sure how to say it….Sphagnum is a nod to an army green hue. This strong colour could represent fight and strength, reflecting on 2020 but also looking forward into 2021 where everyone will continue to grow and regain their strength. 

Image: Wanderlost & Found

Marigold is also an uplifting and positive hue that would be ideal to introduce as a colour of the year for 2021. The bright tangerine tone would bring boho summer vibes into interior spaces all year round, making up for lost time as we missed out on summer this year.

Whichever is the winning colour, make sure you send a press release if you have relevant products that match, or compliment the winning shade.  Keep an eye out on our blog, social channel and trends for more information as it comes out.