Top Press Releases on Press Loft and why they were so good

Writing a press release can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have any experience in press release writing. Press releases are important to get right so that journalists know what you are pitching to them. There are so many different ways to write a press release and some are more popular with journalists than others, but why is that? We have gathered the top press releases on Press Loft and explained what made them so good. 

The first press release is from Londe Botanics. 

They start their press release with ‘Mothers’ Day Gifts for Natural Home Pampering’. This press release title tells you what event the products are for (Mother’s Day) and what they offer (natural home pampering). They start with an introduction about the products, including the important information the journalist needs to know. They then go on to describe each product separately with prices, meaning that if the journalist is interested, they will find it easy to understand what the products offer. They feature a lifestyle image as their main header image and then provide three cut-outs, making the image option diverse for the journalists to pick what they want to feature. They finish off their release with a bit of information about their company, giving the journalists everything they need to know should they feature their products.

The next press release is from

Their header is ‘5 Wallpapers That Compliment Pantone’s Colours of the Year 2021’. This is a great example of a good header as they go straight in with how many products they are talking about and a new trend that will attract journalists. They have taken a different spin on a trend press release; instead of just talking about the trend itself they have talked about their wallpapers that will complement the trend. Throughout the press release, they have explained and talked about the wallpapers in further detail. They have also included an expert comment from the Head of Design at Wallsauce. Expert comments are a great addition to press releases as it tells your audience you know what you are talking about and just gives them a bit more insight into the products and the trend. Journalists love seeing expert comments and sometimes like to include these in articles they are working on. They finish off with their prices and any extra information that may be needed.

This is another great example of a trend-led press release from Original Style.

‘Original Style’s 2021 Interior Trends’. Their introduction is a great example of a good introduction to a press release as they talk about the research they do for interior trends and why these trends have become so popular. They continue with three relevant trends and include some lovely images to match them. Images are a really important part of press releases, having good photography and styling is important to attract a journalist to download. If you are looking for more information on how to style your photography then you can view our blog post here. They also include expert comments from their New Products and Design Manager, taking it that step further to give their reader more insight into their products and company, making us trust their trend choices.

The fourth press release is from Plant a Bloomer.

They start with a strong header ‘A Sustainable Christmas: Unique Gifts for under £10.’ Including the price point in your header can be very effective.  Journalists work on many price point articles, so this is great for letting them know if your products will fit in with those articles. This header also mentions sustainability and Christmas, making it quite niche but perfect for showing exactly what the products represent. This makes the journalists’ job a lot easier when they are picking products to use for their shopping guides. They then go on to categorise their products into gifts for the craft enthusiast, the animal lover, gifts for her, etc. This helps the journalist pick out the products they need for their category and just generally makes the journalist’s life easier.  

Letting the reader know what your press release is about, having price ranges and seasons/trends with product descriptions is the key to a great press release. Be as creative as you wish with your press release, but remember, the simple ones work too if writing isn’t your forte. 

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