How to create stunning Pinterest images that generate clicks and repins

Pinterest is one of the most influential and popular social platforms of today and is especially loved within the interior and fashion world as it offers endless inspiration and aesthetically pleasing images. As well as being a social media platform, Pinterest is considered to be a search tool that users can take advantage of to post trend inspiration, stylish moodboards, tips and tricks and much more. Creating stunning Pinterest images that attract attention is so important, especially with competitors posting similar content. You want to be unique and ahead of your competition. Press Loft has introduced Studio so you can create your own unique Pinterest images to generate views, engagement, repins and clicks. Studio offers inspirational templates, beautiful visuals and ideas so that you can create fresh Pinterest posts in minutes. If you are wondering where to start, we have provided the top tips on how to create stunning Pinterest images that generate those ever sought after clicks and repins! 

Brand aesthetic 

Creating on-brand posts is important to capture the attention of your audience and generate clicks and repins. The first thing your audience will notice is the look of your post, so make sure it looks professional, on-brand and creative so that your audience respects you as a brand and clicks on your posts. There are a few tips and tricks you can use to make sure your posts are captivating and creative. Using Studio means that you can create endless Pinterest posts, from minimal to bright designs, Studio offers a variety of Pinterest templates so that you can hit the ground running when it comes to creating your brand aesthetic. 

Call to action

The next thing to consider is that posts on Pinterest need to be captivating and attract your audience enough for them to click on it, repin and follow the link. To do this you will need to create unique and eye-catching posts that your audience will want to know about as soon as they spot it. An example of this includes ‘call to actions’ (call to actions are anything that prompt an immediate response from the reader getting them to act upon your requests). There are many ways to get these posts to capture the attention of your audience. Using text within your post is one of them. This is so you can let your audience know what you are talking about. Make sure you have the important information in your post, and use that call to action to your advantage. This includes examples like, ‘Watch our new video’, ‘Read our brand new post’, ‘Get 50% off by clicking here’, ‘Shop now’ and so on. As there are so many call to action posts throughout Pinterest, it is important that yours stands out. Create an eye-catching template on Studio and watch as your Pinterest post comes to life through the art of your own design.

Easy to read/text overlays for clarity

We talked a bit about text overlays in the call to action section. Easy to read text overlays are very important to give clarity to your audience. Whether you are talking about a new launch, new trend or new blog post, having text overlays can be a great way to let your reader know exactly what you are talking about before they click into your post. This gives your reader just a little bit more clarify and will therefore result in more clicks if it interests the reader.

How-to guides

How-to guides are a popular theme on Pinterest. There are many how-to guides out there, from gardening tips to interior design tricks, so it is important that if you have a how-to guide that you create a stunning Pinterest post for this to make it special. Studio offers a range of templates that can get you on your feet. Incorporate your brand colours and brand image into these templates and truly make them your own. If your how-to guides look great then this is the first step to generating those all important repins and link clicks.


Creating moodboards on Pinterest can be a good way to let your audience know that you are creative. Making sure the moodboard is the right size for Pinterest is important as posts in the wrong size tend not to get as much attention. Moodboards can be a quick way to create content for your Pinterest if you are stuck for time. Studio offers moodboard templates that you can pop your own images into in seconds. Moodboards are easy to make and will look aesthetically pleasing on your Pinterest boards, so they should generate clicks and repins. 

Authentic posts

There has been a rise in images being posted across social media that are authentic and true to life instead of edited and staged. This is because followers like to feel connected on a personal level to influencers and brands. It also shows that no one is perfect and therefore content shouldn’t be either. Pinterest is known for its aesthetic and users posting lots of beautiful posts so it is important to still think about this. Using real life stories, authentic pictures of your own and not over-editing your images will mean more repins.

Image sizes

 Using your own images means that you will also have to follow the size guidelines. This is a vertical aspect ratio, 2:3 is ideal – 600 x 900 pixels is the ideal size recommended by Pinterest. Using Pinterest templates on Studio will allow you to show multiple authentic images on your Pinterest. Studio also has the Pinterest size guidelines, meaning you can use the ideal template so you aren’t worrying about the wrong size. For example, if you had multiple landscape images and none that matched the Pinterest guidelines, use a Pinterest template and pop your images into this template to create a multi-image post that is the perfect size.

Minimal and clean backgrounds

Many of the most popular Pinterest posts are minimal and clean, this is because they are easier to read, nicer to look at and match with more designs overall. Making sure your posts are clean and organised will make your Pinterest look more stunning and can mean for more clicks and repins. 

Pinterest can be a great way to generate clicks and repins and this can be done by creating stunning posts for your Pinterest. Press Loft’s Studio will allow influencers and brands endless templates and inspiration to keep content fresh and exciting on their Pinterest. Creating content just got easier and way more exciting!

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