PR for Jewellery Companies – How to Promote Your Brand Online

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With the emergence of social media, it has become easier than ever to develop your jewellery brand online. You can create content that will gain traction on social media channels and draw in new customers for your business.

With the help of a jewellery PR company, you can provide content to be featured by popular bloggers and influencers so that they can share your story with their audience.

If your jewellery brand is featured in these types of outlets, you will be given additional credibility and visibility.

This can help to grow sales as well as generate new leads for future opportunities with the company.

For those who are not sure how they would go about finding a PR company that could serve their needs, there are some tips below:

  • Be selective – make sure you choose a PR company that specializes in your industry. If they do not understand the market well, it could affect their ability to provide quality content for your brand.
  • Understand how much time and money you are willing to invest – not every PR company works with clients of all sizes.

If you are looking for more information about how to go about developing your brand online, and how can the innovative solutions from Press Loft make this process easy, keep reading this blog post!

Let’s continue with a shortlist of trusted specialists.

Jewellery PR companies

Push PR – This London-based marketing agency is focusing on clients in the fitness, jewellery and beauty industries.

VerriBerri – Based in Essex, this boutique PR agency is solely working with jewellery brands.

JA PR – Led by two industry marketing specialists, JA PR is exclusively representing jewellery companies.

Honest PR London – This international communications & digital agency has an impressive lineup of clients from the luxury, watches, and jewellery niches including Bibi van der Velden, Harrods, and Bugatti.

Black PR – a PR and communications agency working with clients in the fashion, accessories, and jewellery industries.

How does PR work for a jewellery brand?

When you are looking for a PR company to help represent your jewellery brand, it is important to first understand how this type of marketing works.

A good PR firm will create and distribute engaging content across different media channels in order to reach your target audience. This could include writing press releases, blog posts, creating social media content, and more.

They will also identify and pitch to key influencers in your industry in order to get your brand featured on their channels.

Bloggers and online influencers have a lot of power when it comes to promoting jewellery brands.

When working with a PR company, you can provide them with high-quality images and product information so that they can pitch these to influential bloggers and social media stars. (1)

How can a jewellery PR agency help me?

Some of the ways in which a PR company can help you to reach out to online influencers include:

  • Providing a media list – this is a comprehensive database of bloggers, journalists, and social media stars who cover your industry. (2)
  • Offering assistance with pitching – many PR companies have extensive experience in pitching to bloggers and will be able to help you to craft a message that will resonate with them.
  • Facilitating collaborations – by working with an influencer, you are able to tap into their audience and reach new consumers who may not have heard of your brand before.
  • Creating content – a PR company can create engaging content for your brand. This can include blog posts, videos, infographics, and social media graphics.
  • Monitoring content – companies are able to track conversations about their brand online through the use of tools like Google Analytics or Hootsuite social listening software. This will allow you to determine which influencers are boosting awareness for your jewellery company.
  • Planning and executing campaigns – PR companies can offer a full service that includes strategy development, managing content creation and distribution across multiple channels.

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What can Press Loft do for me?

Press Loft has developed an industry-leading PR tool that is widely used by PR agencies and brand owners alike looking for an easy-to-use yet effective solution.

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Brands in the jewellery sector we work with directly with their in-house marketing team or their PR agencies:

Hot Diamonds

Licensed to Charm

One & Eight


Engraver’s Guild London

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