The top 10 influencer marketing platforms for your next campaign

Influencer marketing has become a social media phenomenon over the last ten years. Many companies collaborate with influencers to boost their online presence, brand awareness and sales. Finding the right influencers for your company can be overwhelming and time consuming as there are literally thousands and thousands of them out there creating! We have put together the top ten influencer marketing platforms you can start using today to connect and work with influencers of all types all over the world!


ACTIVATE is an end-to-end influencer technology with discovery, workflow, relationship management, measurement, and an opt-in base of 150k+ influencers. With the likes of Olay, H&M and Tinder using their site to connect with influencers, ACTIVATE has a variety of content creators ready to work with! ACTIVATE also allows micro-influencers to join their platform, opening brands up to more opportunities to work with micro-influencers who have recently made a really positive name for themselves!

The Room

With the likes of Odeon, Charlotte Tilbury and O2 using The Room, it will connect you with influencers you instantly love. The Room is a platform where brands and influencers exchange passion, not money. Brands offer their products and experiences to influencers. In return, influencers create engaging brand content that resonates with their audience.The Room is a great platform to use if you are wanting to build trust and a long lasting relationship with influencers.

Press Loft

Press Loft is a DIY PR platform that will connect brands with influencers. Press Loft has developed their Influencer Outreach tool to easily and quickly bring together brands with thousands of influencers who are already using the Press Loft network! They focus on interiors, gifts and fashion. Their Influencer Outreach tool is easy to use for both brands and influencers and will allow both parties to build and sustain relationships. Brands get a 60-day free trial and influencers get an account completely free! With a global presence, using the IO tool on Press Loft will allow for brands to work with influencers and bloggers all over the world.


GRIN is the all-in-one creator management platform helping ecommerce companies build more valuable brands through the power of creator partnerships. GRIN will also help you build out winning influencer campaigns. This includes creating briefs, sending proposals with branded landing pages, track-produced content, and organising everything within your campaign workroom—from content reporting to influencer product shipment.


Upfluence is the place to find and recruit influencers of all varieties. Search through their extensive database of influencers across platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch. Upfluence also gives you the opportunity to nurture those influencer relationships. 


Aspire is an influencer marketing platform for high-growth ecommerce companies. On Aspire you can easily search a network of 6M+ influencers by keywords, aesthetic, interest, demographics and more. 


With Tribe helping brands like Waitrose, IKEA and McDonalds, it is safe to say that they know what they are doing when it comes to influencer marketing. You can create a brief in under ten minutes with the 5-step Campaign Builder then watch as influencers pitch their ideas before you approve your favourites, then the influencers will post it to their social media channels. It is as simple as that!


Influencity converts manual influencer marketing work to automated strategies, helping improve and professionalise them along the way. Influencity has helped a range of brands from small businesses to bigger companies and have a global presence.


Intellifluence is an all-in-one influencer marketing platform that enables brands and influencers to connect, collaborate and reach their goals. They tailor their services to your brand and have an extensive list of influencer categories like clothing and apparel, restaurants, music, finance and lots more!


With Afluencer, you can find the ideal collaborations for your niche. Search by interests, requirements, channels, and more! With a global network of influencers and brands, connecting for influencer marketing has never been easier.