The ultimate list of national newspapers that feature interior pages

Getting featured in national newspapers can be a dream come true for many interior brands. But it can be tricky as you have to catch the journalist at the right time and your products have to be unique, relevant and preferably something the journalist hasn’t seen before. There are lots of newspapers out there so it can be a bit of a minefield trying to find the right ones that will fit with your brand. Journalists working on interior features for national newspapers come to Press Loft weekly to find inspiration for their next feature and download images to use. Last month Press Loft had over 27,000 downloads for over 800 different publications. To make it easier to know what newspapers have interior pages and what they generally feature, we have created a list of national newspapers that use Press Loft and feature interior pages so that you can hit the ground running when it comes to pitching your products to relevant newspapers. (If you are looking to contact these journalists to start pitching and getting featured in the press then you can sign up to Press Loft for our 60 day free trial.)


The first and one of the most popular newspapers to feature interior pages is Metro. Metro does a weekly double page and is usually called something like ‘Hot List’ or ‘Lust List’. It features a range of cut-out images and some inspiring lifestyle images. It will depend on the theme of that week whether your products are the right fit. They feature everything from the newest trends to tech gadgets to gardening tools so there is bound to be a week that you can get your products featured in there. 

Sunday Mirror – Notebook

Notebook magazine is a weekly supplement in the Sunday Mirror and is free when you get the newspaper. They post everything from fashion and interiors to beauty, celebrity and lifestyle. They post a variety of interior products including cut-outs and lifestyle products, mainly to do with trends and colours.

Sunday Express – S magazine

Sunday Express’ S Magazine writes about health, beauty, interior and fashion advice as well as the latest news on the must-have gadgets. They also post about food recipes, so they have a range of topics that lots of brands could potentially fit into, including gift guides if you are more of a gift company than an interior-focused brand. 

The Sun – Fabulous magazine

Fabulous magazine is a supplement in The Sun and is most known for fashion, beauty and lifestyle. They feature ‘Get the Look’ pages and offer lots of trend inspiration. Featuring a range of lifestyle and cut-out images, Fabulous magazine is a great one for interior brands to be featured in. 

Evening Standard

Evening Standard is one of the higher end newspapers and is therefore a very popular one when it comes to brands wanting to get featured. Along with the usual news announcements, Evening Standard has a Homes and Property section which features everything from inspirational celebrity homes to how to transform your interior space with the latest interior products. They tend to feature unique lifestyle products and occasionally cut-out images. 

Sunday Times

The Times and Sunday Times feature a range of life and style products including fashion, beauty, food and drink, home and  gardening. Their wide range of features means that there is always something that every interior brand can pitch into. The Times also has the Bricks & Mortar and Home supplements which features a range of properties, new trends, decoration tips, save and splurge products and much more. 

The Telegraph

The Telegraph has an interiors section which features a range of ‘inside my home’  interviews, home updates for every budget, how-to guides and much more. They also have Stella magazine which also features lots of interior images. They feature inspirational interior content from maximalism to modern styles.

The Guardian

The Guardian has a lifestyle section that features fashion, food, home and garden and much more. They feature a variety of products in their how-to guides and trend updates and use both cut-outs and lifestyle images. 

How To Spend It | Financial Times

Financial Times has a ‘How To Spend It’ section that focuses on interiors, style, design, gardens, house and home and much more. From interviews with new designers and homeware brands, they feature a variety of striking and unique images. 

The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail has a property section and features lots of interior inspiration from home renovations to properties abroad.

If you are looking to contact these journalists to start pitching and getting featured in the press then you can sign up to Press Loft for our 60 day free trial.

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