Three reasons why brands love the Press Loft platform

Raise your hand if you’ve caught yourself doom-scrolling through Google, TikTok and Instagram in search of the best ways to increase visibility for your brand and products? It’s a scenario we’ve seen time and time again, but many fall into this situation by overlooking what should be an essential component to any brand’s growth strategy – the power of PR! 

Whether you’re a small brand just starting out and trying to build up some hype around your products, or a well-established name in the industry who wishes to evolve and grow as the market continues to shift, PR will be your not-so-secret weapon. We know we say this a lot, but one of the key elements of a successful PR strategy is having high-quality product images readily available for any eager journalists to snap up for their features – and that’s where we come in. Not to toot our own horn, but we’ve been helping brands for over 15 years secure coverage in top tier titles such as Red Magazine, Livingetc, House Beautiful and so many more, so here are just a few reasons why we think brands should showcase their images on a platform like Press Loft. 

Journalists can easily access your products, 24/7 

While traditional PR would involve manually pitching these images to journalists in the hopes of being considered, Press Loft offers a far more efficient option that will secure you the results you want for a fraction of the time, money and effort. By hosting your product images within our library, they’ll be available for eager journalists to download for their features 24/7, removing the time-consuming back-and-forth that comes with traditional pitching or manually requesting images. 

Be discovered by the right audience 

Over the years, the Press Loft platform has become an essential tool for top tier publications such as Livingetc, Real Homes, House beautiful and so many more when it comes to sourcing products for their upcoming features. On top of that, we’ve also attracted waves of bloggers, influencers and content creators from across the globe – all of whom are hoping to discover and connect with new brands.  

Before anyone is added to our media network, they must first be vetted by our team; When brands add their products to our library, they have peace of mind that they’ll only be available to the right kind of audience – I.e. relevant, eager contacts that are always on the hunt for eye-catching products for their content. 

Increase your visibility and secure the coverage you deserve! 

Around 20,000 images are downloaded every month via the Press Loft platform by our growing media network – that works out at around 667 images per day! By having your product images readily available on our platform, you increase your chances of being featured in your favourite publications by simplifying the process of sourcing products for journalists.

Plus, if you can say that your products have been featured in the likes of Livingetc, Architectural Digest or Grand Designs, this third-party endorsement (someone else saying your brand and products are amazing) is said to be seven times more powerful than advertising when it comes to driving conversions!

Don’t believe us? Why not sign up for a free 60-day trial to see for yourself!

What is Press Loft? 

Press Loft is a PR platform specialising in the home, gift and lifestyle sectors. We help thousands of brands to get their products into the press. Our PR tools allow companies to easily secure press coverage and quality backlinks for SEO by connecting with them with our network of 25,000+ journalists, bloggers and influencers. 

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