Why is SEO so important for brands in 2023?

The importance of SEO for interior brands cannot be overstated, especially in today’s digital age. It’s the driving force behind your brand’s visibility, and one of the most effective ways to enhance your SEO strategy is through gaining editorial backlinks. Editorial backlinks from reputable publications and blogs with high domain authorities, offer a multitude of benefits that can help your interior brand climb the search engine rankings ladder. In this blog, we’ll explore the valuable role that editorial backlinks play in SEO and how Press Loft can help you secure them with little to no effort.

Why is SEO so important for brands right now?

Editorial backlinks are considered valuable for SEO for interiors brands (or any brand, for that matter) for several reasons:

  1. Authority and Trust: Editorial backlinks usually come from sources like news outlets, industry publications, or influential blogs. When these sites link to your interior brand, it signals to search engines that your website is trustworthy and authoritative.
  2. Quality Content: To earn editorial backlinks, you often need to provide high-quality, valuable content that others in your industry find useful or interesting. This aligns perfectly with Google’s goal of ranking pages with valuable content higher in search results.
  3. Relevance: Editorial backlinks usually come from websites related to your industry or niche. For interior brands, this means getting links from interior design blogs, home improvement magazines, or similar websites. These links are not only relevant but also carry more weight in search engine algorithms.
  4. Natural Link Building: Search engines like Google value natural link-building strategies. Editorial backlinks are typically earned naturally because other websites find your content or products worthy of linking to. This contrasts with low-quality or spammy backlinks, which can harm your SEO efforts.
  5. Traffic Generation: Editorial backlinks can also drive direct traffic to your website. When readers of an authoritative site click on a link to your brand, you may gain new customers or followers.
  6. Improved Rankings: As your website accumulates more editorial backlinks, it is likely to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords. Higher rankings mean more visibility and potential organic traffic.
  7. Diverse Link Profile: A diverse link profile, which includes editorial backlinks, makes your SEO strategy more robust. Having a mix of different types of backlinks can reduce the risk of algorithmic penalties.
  8. Long-Term Benefits: Unlike some other SEO strategies that may offer short-term gains, editorial backlinks can provide long-term benefits. As long as the linking website remains authoritative and relevant, the link’s value should endure over time.

So how can we help?

Press Loft makes it easy for brands to generate quality editorial backlinks without pitching to a single journalist! By adding your images to the platform, you’ll be showcasing them 24/7 for our growing network of over 25,000+ media members who are on the hunt for the perfect products for their features. With Press Loft, you’ll remove the time-consuming back-and-forth that comes with traditional pitching, leaving you with more time to focus on nurturing your brand in other ways.

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What is Press Loft? 

Press Loft is a PR platform specialising in the home, gift and lifestyle sectors that helps thousands of brands to get their products into the press. Their PR tools allow companies to easily secure press coverage and quality backlinks for SEO by connecting with their network of 25,000+ journalists, bloggers and influencers. 

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