The ultimate list of Top B2C Interiors Magazines

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To give you an idea of the possibilities, here’s part 1 of out list of some of the biggest interiors publications from around the globe – many of whom utilise the Press Loft platform regularly when sourcing for their next big feature.

B2C Interior Design Magazines: Where Style Meets Inspiration 

1. Architectural Digest (International): 

  • Embark on a journey through exquisite homes and cutting-edge design with Architectural Digest. Your brand could find a spotlight among the pages that redefine luxury. 

2. Elle Decor (International): 

  • Fashion meets interior design in Elle Decor, a global magazine that sets trends and sparks inspiration for the modern home. 

3. House & Garden (UK): 

  • Discover timeless elegance and inspirational gardens within the pages of House & Garden, a classic UK publication with a penchant for sophisticated interiors. 

4. Livingetc (UK): 

  • For a dose of modern design and decorating trends, Livingetc is your go-to UK magazine, offering practical advice and home improvement inspiration. 

5. Dwell (International): 

  • Join the exploration of modern architecture and design from around the globe with Dwell. Your brand could be the next feature in this influential publication. 

6. Vogue Living (International): 

  • Indulge in a luxurious lifestyle where fashion and interior design converge with Vogue Living—an international publication that exudes opulence. 

7. Ideal Home (UK): 

  • From practical advice to decorating ideas, Ideal Home, a popular UK magazine, caters to modern homeowners seeking inspiration. 

8. Home & Design Magazine (International): 

  • In the world of Home & Design Magazine, luxury and practicality harmonize. Showcase your brand among unique homes and inspiring design solutions. 

9. Interior Design (International): 

  • Delve into the heart of design innovation with Interior Design Magazine. This B2B publication provides in-depth insights into industry trends and groundbreaking projects. 

10. Veranda (International):

  • Capture the essence of gracious living with Veranda, an international publication that brings sophistication to every page. 

11. Traditional Home (International):

  • Celebrate classic interiors and timeless elegance with Traditional Home, where your brand can find a place among the pages of enduring design. 

12. Real Simple (International):

  • Simplify your life with Real Simple—an international magazine offering practical tips and creative solutions for a well-designed home. 

13. Better Homes and Gardens (International):

  • From room makeovers to garden inspirations, Better Homes and Gardens is an international source for ideas that span every corner of your home. 

14. Country Living (International):

  • Embrace the charm of country style with Country Living, featuring cozy interiors and rustic design ideas. 

15. Home Beautiful (Australia):

  • From the land down under, Home Beautiful brings a fresh perspective on design and lifestyle with an Australian touch. 

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