The ultimate list of Top B2B Interiors Magazines

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To give you an idea of the possibilities, here’s part 2 of our list of some of the biggest interiors publications from around the globe – many of whom utilise the Press Loft platform regularly when sourcing for their next big feature.

B2B Interior Design Magazines: Insights for Industry Professionals 

1. Interior Design Magazine (International): 

  • Stay at the forefront of design innovation with Interior Design Magazine, a B2B publication offering in-depth insights into industry trends and projects. 

2. Hospitality Design (International): 

  • For professionals in the hospitality industry, Hospitality Design Magazine showcases innovative design in hotels, restaurants, and more. 

3. FX Magazine (UK): 

  • Focusing on contract interior design, FX Magazine delves into trends and projects shaping the commercial sector in the UK. 

4. Architects Journal (UK): 

  • While covering a broad spectrum of architecture, Architects Journal often features in-depth coverage of interior architecture and design. 

5. Frame Magazine (International): 

  • Known for its avant-garde approach, Frame Magazine explores interior design, architecture, and set design with a unique perspective. 

6. Metropolis Magazine (International): 

  • Covering a wide range of design disciplines, Metropolis Magazine emphasizes interior design with a focus on sustainability and innovation. 

7. Azure Magazine (Canada): 

  • Get a taste of Canadian design excellence with Azure Magazine, a publication that celebrates creativity in architecture and interiors. 

8. Surface Magazine (International): 

  • Surface Magazine offers a multi-disciplinary approach, covering architecture, art, fashion, and interior design. 

9. Architectural Record (International): 

  • An industry stalwart, Architectural Record provides comprehensive coverage of architecture and interior design for professionals. 

10. Design Week (UK): 

  • For the latest in design news and trends, Design Week is a go-to source for industry professionals in the UK. 

11. Building Design (UK): 

  • Explore the intersection of architecture and design in the UK with Building Design, offering insights into the built environment. 

12. Catering Insight (UK): 

  • Catering Insight focuses on the design and innovation behind commercial kitchens and catering spaces. 

13. Wallpaper (International):

  • With a focus on design, fashion, and lifestyle, Wallpaper brings a unique perspective to the world of interiors.

14. Hotel Management (International): 

  • Stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the hospitality sector with Hotel Management Magazine. 

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