How can brands secure coverage for their Easter 2024 products?

Seasonal topics tend to be a huge driver for journalist downloads on the Press Loft platform. Seeing as ‘Easter’ is currently our top trending search, we thought it would be an egg-cellent time to share some key tips and tricks to help you secure media coverage for your cracking products! 

While long lead publications will have started working on their Easter-focused features since December 2023, short-lead and online titles will still be sourcing products for the big day. So even if you are only starting now, there are plenty of opportunities to get featured in the press.

With hundreds of gift guides coming out every year in national and regional magazines as well as online magazines, there are lots of opportunities for brands to get press coverage around Easter. When doing a bit of research, some of the online magazines in previous years have covered things like: ‘Best Easter gifts for kids’, ‘Easter basket ideas: 25 adorable Easter gift ideas for kids’, ‘20 best Easter gifts for adults’,  ‘Easter gift guide: a present for everyone’, ‘Luxury Easter gift guide 2024, ‘52 best Easter decoration ideas’, ‘41 DIY Easter table decorations’ and ‘Easter brunch table decor’.


Planning in advance is the first step to get your products featured. There are both long lead and short lead publications, so make sure you know the dates that journalists are working on so you don’t send your press release and pitch in your images too late or too early, timing is key!

  • Long lead date: Quarterly, bi-monthly and monthly glossy magazines regularly work between two and five months ahead of seasonal events. It’s very important to have your high-res seasonal images available for journalists to download this far in advance. Long lead publications include House Beautiful, Good Homes and ELLE Decoration.
  • Short lead date: To get press coverage for the weekly magazines and daily newspapers, we recommend having your images ready to download and getting your press releases sent one week to two months prior to the season/event. Short lead publications include Metro, Good Homes (online) and Dear Designer. 

Great images

Having a variety of cut-out images and lifestyle images is key. If you want to be featured in the shopping pages then cut-out images are important. It is important to have high-resolution images ready for all of these as journalists will need them for their features. Take a look at these online Easter gift guide examples for some inspiration.

Send a press release

Sending press releases at the correct time and with the right information is also important. Refer to the long lead and short leads dates above when thinking about when you are sending your press release. Make sure your press release includes a clear header, a  short intro about the productsa body with a bit more description about the products and a conclusion including prices. You want to make sure your press release is concise and clear so that the journalist can easily understand what you are talking about. Make sure you include around four or five lifestyle or cut-out images in this press release and let the journalist know that you can send them high-res images if they would like them. You can watch (or rewatch) the webinar we did a while ago on how to create a winning press release here

Here are Easter press releases to inspire you for when you are writing your own:


You should update your keywords on Press Loft to ensure that journalists can see your images when they search for a specific Easter-themed word. You can use words like ‘easter’, ‘bunny’, ‘easter2024’, ‘easter egg’, ‘gift for her’, ‘gift for him’, ‘easter gift’ and so on. 

Put your own spin on it

If you think you don’t have any Easter-themed products to promote, try and put your own unique spin on it. You can pitch in trend-related Easter products, so anything pastel colour related for example. You can also pitch in decorating and table products, they don’t all need to be Easter-themed unless the journalist states that is what they are looking for.


Ensure all your product images on Press Loft have prices saved in the pricing field. You’ll notice every product feature in magazines will show a RRP, so having this information readily available for journalists will make inclusions in features easier and will help when journalists are searching via price points on Press Loft.


If you are looking to get your products featured in the press this Easter, Press Loft offers a 60-day free trial (only available to new customers).

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