Prepare your PR for Halloween & Oktoberfest

Long lead journalists are already starting to work on features for events that occur in the latter half of the year – and two major ones are Halloween and Oktoberfest These two events are strongly associated with the countries from which they hark from, however their popularity has transformed them into worldwide celebrations, and journalists tend to capitalise on this! Here are some some tips on how to increase your feature potential, as well as some of our favourite products for the two events. Make sure your keywords are relevant:  Your gift items should always include relevant Oktoberfest ad Halloween keywords such as German, Stein, Germany, beer, Munich; and Halloween, scary, spooky etc. Showcase your latest and greatest: Have some amazing new products to show off? Make sure they are uploaded to Press Loft and ready for journalists seeking a little inspiration for these events. Brand new items always receive more attention. Make sure your pricing is up to date: Journalists can also refine their searches on Press Loft by price. Make sure your product pricing is in the actual pricing field and is up to date for journalists looking for gifts in certain price brackets. Send out a press release: Shout out about your loveliest products by sending a press release out on Press Loft. Time is of the essence! If you don’t have new products, you can still promote them by making an event-inspired release. Halloween

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Oktoberfest1. Design3000 2. Monsterzeug 3. The Gift Oasis 4. Design3000 5. Monsterzeug

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