Interiors PR Agencies in the USA

Interiors and Lifestyle PR Agencies in the US

Press Loft works with many great interiors and consumer PR agencies around the world – they use Press Loft to manage clients image libraries, streamline their media outreach workflow, save time sending images with caption info, boost coverage, find additional leads and more. In fact, the reason Press Loft was originally set up was because our founder had a PR agency (zero2one PR) and wanted to better organise client’s image libraries.

Brands often ask us to recommend PR agencies when they want to boost their PR, do events, product launches and features, or to outsource the time spent managing Press Loft & PR activities to a PR pro. Here is a round up of few of the great ones on Press Loft:

Chatterbox – Chatterbox is renowned for its creative strategies and deep understanding of the design and decor landscape, helping brands to effectively engage with their audience.

A Design Partnership – With teams in both sunny California and busy NYC, A Design Partnership stands out for its ability to craft compelling stories that capture the essence of interior design brands, propelling them into the limelight.

Trust Relations – Trust Relations is a visionary agency with bases across the United States that builds lasting trust and authority for interiors and decor brands through strategic and impactful communication.

Solutions By Sam – New York-based Solutions By Sam offers tailored PR solutions that focus on impactful media relations and strategic brand positioning in the home decor and lifestyle space.

W/ Sara PR – Operating from NYC, W/ Sara PR as an affordable boutique PR agency that specializes in forging meaningful connections and crafting narratives for small businesses which resonate with target audiences in their respective sectors.

5WPR – Here is a full-service PR agency based in New York City. Known for their strong reputation in the home and interiors sector, they provide comprehensive services including media relations, digital marketing, and influencer engagement, driving significant media coverage for clients

May Marketing & Relations – Hailing from the sunshine state Florida, May Marketing & Relations blends traditional PR with modern digital strategies to amplify the presence of interiors brands in the digital realm.

JLS PR – Colorado-based JLS PR is a small but mighty woman-owned and family-run CPG public relations agency that stands apart from traditional firms in their mastery of performance-based PR.

Mower – With a presence throughout New York and beyond, Mower is a full-service agency that delivers impactful PR for decor brands, underpinned by a profound understanding of consumer trends and their dedication to creating deep emotional connections between people and brands.

Duffy & Shanley – This Rhode Island agency is celebrated for its strategic prowess and ability to forge connections with key influencers and media outlets in the decor industry.

Powers PR – This boutique PR agency is recognised for cultivating fresh, individualised communications campaigns that move the needle, influence pop culture and penetrate all facets of the ever-evolving media landscape.

Each of these agencies has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and a passion that helps their clients make waves in the media. They are not just PR professionals; they are storytellers, brand builders, and strategic thinkers who understand the nuances of this dynamic field. Whether it’s launching a new product, orchestrating an event, or crafting a media relations campaign, these agencies are equipped to help interiors and lifestyle brands ensure their stories resonate with their intended audience.

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