Tips & tricks to write a (first) press release

Is it your first time writing a press release? Today, we are giving you simple rules to follow and tips to help you write a press release that will stand out from the crowd. As you know, journalists are receiving hundreds of press releases everyday day to their inbox, which makes it very hard for companies to make themselves heard. So read, take notes and try it out!

Keep in mind; journalists are looking for 2 principal elements in a press release: useful information and originality (unicity).

The 5 commandments of effective press releases

  • Concise, you will stay.
  • Exact, complete and factual, you will be.
  • On the information, you will focus.
  • Beautiful images, you will favour.
  • Smart and genuine headlines, you will write.

Structure your press release

It is essential to prioritise the information in your press release. Start your press release with the most accurate and effective information (news about your brand, new collection, innovation…). This will help the journalists to focus on the important information, saving them time and inviting them to read further into details.

Press Realease

Catchy subtitles

Make sure you write catchy subtitles for each of your paragraphs, this will help you grab the reader’s attention and facilitate an easy and quick reading of your press release.

Illustrate your press release with images

Pick your best product images from you image library (lifestyle & cut out) to illustrate your press release. Journalists will be able to download them immediately. It is best to illustrate your press release with at least 3 to 9 images to grab the reader’s attention.  Adding the link of your branded press office at the end of your press release will also invite journalists to discover your full range of products.


Be creative

The perfect press release doesn’t really exist unfortunately, but following these different steps and having interesting and creative content will help your first step into the press release world be a success!

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