Keyword Tips for your Press Loft Images

One of the main ways to get your products discovered by journalists on Press Loft is via our image library.  Journalists are able to browse through 1000’s of images, looking for the perfect item to feature in their magazine articles. They can simply type in search words like “red chair” or “scandinavian” to discover relevant images.

To ensure that you appear in as many relevant searches as possible, it’s really crucial that you have entered great keywords for each image.





Journalists may be looking for product images for article about:

  • An interiors trend  (eg Industrial homewares, Coastal, Country)
  • A material, colour or pattern could also be a trend they are writing about (eg polka dots, pastel colours, concrete, aqua blue, stripes)
  • A product category (eg kids bedding, dinnerware, kitchen gadgets, gardening)
  • Gifts for a particular person (kids gifts, foodie, gifts for her, newborn, pets)
  • Seasonal (eg Christmas, Mother’s Day, Halloween)


The biggest piece of advice we can give clients for completing great keywords is to include as many various descriptive words about the particular product design as possible.

Put yourself in the frame of mind of a journalist, what might they type in as a search? You may have a pink cushion but if you’re not also describing the particular shade of pink, the style, pattern, material, shape etc you may be missing out on lots of opportunities.


Some Do’s and Don’ts for Keywords:

  • Always include variations of the main descriptive words of the design. Don’t just put eg blue, is it pastel, light blue, bright, vibrant, aqua or navy? Don’t just put spots, include variations like spotty, polka dot, dot, dotty.
  • Typically aim for approx. 20 keywords per image – It seems like a lot, but you will see that it is easier than you think!
  • Separate each word with a comma. If you combine eg Red Sofa, the site will not pick up just ‘red’ so you need to separate these words out eg red, sofa
  • In addition to the above, do not separate a word if the single word will not make sense on it’s own. Eg if a product is light blue, don’t separate out light and blue. If a journalist is looking for actual lights they will be annoyed if a bunch of blue products come up with are not lights. So for that example you would put light blue, blue, pastel, etc
  • Remove unsuitable words that are a random word that a journalist would not search for. eg Guaranteed, free shipping
  • Remove unsuitable words which do not match the exact product. Eg if the product is a blanket, you wouldn’t have things like Sofa, Interior Design, Bathroom, cushion.
  • Do not include name of rooms unless the product is photographed within that room, or the product is designed specifically for that room. Eg it’s a towel rack, then Bathroom would be suitable. But if it’s artwork don’t put every room of the house eg Living room, Bedroom etc.


Below are a few examples:

Watercolour Cacti Cushion – Art Wow

Cactus Cushion 

The main design feature of this cushion is it’s print, so that is what most of the keywords should include eg:

cushion, throw pillow, pillow, green, print, printed, pattern, plants, cactus, desert, botanical, flora, leaf, leaves, summer, nature, handmade, watercolour 



Umbra Brass Confetti Triangles Wall Decor –  Hurn & Hurn

Umbra brass Confetti Triangles Wall Decor

The products are the triangles so only comment on this. Because it’s a living room shot we can put “living room”

contemporary, decoration, decorative accessories, fun, gift,metallic, modern, party, present, print, quirky, striking, unusual, gold, metal, wall art , wall hanging, home accessories, triangle, bunting, confetti, brass



Llama Egg Cup – Red Candy

Cement Truck Stacking Toy

The description said this item was eco friendly and made from wood

Gift, kitchen, alpaca, animal, breakfast, dining room, dining table, easter, egg, Egg Cup, eggcup, ethnic, fiesta, housewarming, mexican, pet, tribal, white , llama



Keyword Inspiration Chart

Always try to include keywords relating to each section

Colours – very important Fuchsia, pink, light pink, pale, dark, pastel, baby pink, candy, bright, vibrant,

blue, navy, Aqua, turquoise, gold, metallic, copper, brass, transparent, iridescent, clear

colourful, multi colour, rainbow, bold, faded,

Prints/Patterns – very important spotty, spot, dot, dotty, polka dot,

flowery, floral, flowers, heart, Leaf, Leaves, nature, natural

ombre, dip dye, painterly, watercolour,

striped, stripes, stripy, Flock, Printed, paisley, graphics, faded, geometric, chevron, zig zag, herringbone,

Styles / Trends modern, urban, funky, retro, 50’s, seventies, abstract,

minimal, simple, minimalistic, clean lines, contemporary, sleek,  Scandi, Scandinavian, Danish

rustic, country, traditional, farmhouse, natural, classic,  Boho, shabby chic, vintage, folk, woodland,

boudoir, glamour, glam, glamorous, French, love, romantic, pretty, dainty, feminine

Nautical, seaside, coastal, beachy,  Gothic, Victorian, industrial, urban, Safari, exotic, Moroccan, ethnic, latin, Handmade, eco, ethical, energy saving, green, biodegradable, recycled, eco friendly

Events / Seasons Gift,  Present (always include both for gift related items)

Wedding, bridal, bride, groom,

beach, travel, vacation, picnic, bbq, barbeque, barbecue,

holiday, party, celebration, dinner party, dining, alfresco, outdoors, camping, festival New Years, Easter, Christmas, xmas, birthday, mothers day, fathers day, valentines day, World cup, Wimbledon, Rugby, Golf, Olympics

Summer / autumn / winter/ spring

Materials Wood, Wooden, timber, oak, Metallic, Metal, gold, brass, copper, upholstered, fabric, cotton, linen, knit, knitted, weave, woven, upholstery, shimmery, sparkly, transparent, glass, crystal, beaded,
Textures Fluffy, textured, texture, cosy, rough, smooth, shiny, coarse, beaten, faded, weathered, worn, aged,
Category / purpose  Kitchen, dining, serving, serve ware, entertaining, cooking, baking, drinkware, bedding, linen, flooring, rug, storage, tidy, organize, office, study, desk accessory, gadget, technology, art, wall hanging, artwork, print, sofa, lounge, couch, seat, sofa bed, stool, side table, outdoor, poolside, garden, patio, travel,
Who is it for? brother, sister, mum, dad, girlfriend, granddad, grandpa, grandparent, grandma, granny, gran, husband, wife, partner,  teenager, kid, child, children,

Hobbies: cook, chef, gardener, sport , sporty, sports fan, film fan, gold, rugby, football, crafts, art, animal lover, pet


We hope these extra pointers help you on your quest for perfect keywords! If you ever have questions we can help with always feel free to get in touch with us.