14 Ways to Amplify your Press Coverage

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We all know that getting great press coverage is hard work. So it feels pretty amazing when you get a first-class media mention. Stop and give yourself a well-deserved pat yourself on the back.

But then get cracking on making your coverage go further. This is just the beginning. And there’s so much more PR potential to exploit. With the right approach, you can amplify your press coverage to make a much bigger noise.

Here are 14 ways to amplify your press coverage:

#1 Say Thank You

First things first, say thank you to the journalist who has given you the coverage. It’s good manners. And might make a journalist more likely to think of you for future opportunities.

Say thank you publicly – through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn – and include a link to the article (if online). It’s another way to get coverage reaching that bit further.

#2 Share the News Internally

Start small and share media coverage with your colleagues. They can post links on their own social media pages.

#3 Promote it on Social Media

Shout all about it. Tell your followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat…wherever your customers like to hang out.

And don’t leave it there. Respond to any comments you get on your announcement post. You’ll encourage other people to post and help to keep the thread running.

#4 Repost

Don’t be afraid to post details of your press coverage for a second or third time. Change up your social media posts a little. And use a scheduling tool like Hootsuite, which will allow you to easily plan posts a few weeks apart and at different times of the day. You’ll reach a wider audience without people feeling that you’re spamming.

#5 Put a Link in Your Email Signature

Simple can be effective. Add a link to the press coverage in your email signature. You’ll be sending it to everyone you contact and a few may be interested enough to take a peek.

Only keep a publication link on there for a month or two though. An outdated media mention is worse than none at all.

#6 Add the publications to your homepage

An association with a well-respected publication can get you some serious kudos. Once you’ve had a few impressive mentions, add the name of the publication to your homepage. An As Seen In… box featuring recognisable brands gives you an instant status boost when anyone visits your website.  

#7 Check Coverage for Links to your Website

Being mentioned in the press is huge. But getting your website linked to by a high profile publication can be even bigger.

Two reasons. Number one – readers can easily hop over to your website. They can find out more, shop around – all the things you want them to do. Number two – it’s good for SEO. High quality inbound links can improve the rank of your website in search results.

If you’ve been mentioned and a link hasn’t been included, contact the journalist and ask them nicely to add one.

#8 Update your Press Page (Or Create One)

A website press area is a page designed for journalists. It should contain your latest business news, press releases and links to any media mentions.

When you get a new piece of coverage, add it to your press page. If a member of your team has shared their industry expertise add this to their press page bio.

A well-maintained press page will help journalists to see what story opportunities lie with your company. And who they can talk to for an insightful quote.

#9 Include the Coverage in your Email Newsletter

Add a write-up and a link of your press coverage to your next email newsletter. Then send it out to your whole mailing list.

#10 Tell People Who Have a Stake in Your Business

A bit of great press coverage can work wonders for your business relationships. Tell existing partners, suppliers and associates. Mention it to prospective employees.

You could send an email. And then also print and frame impressive brand mentions to put up in public places of your company HQ. This means visitors to your company get to see how impressive you are!  

#11 Utilise Marketing Materials

Give your sales team something to talk about. Write up your best press coverage into your marketing materials. And don’t forget to add an As seen in… section to any brochures or special offers you send out to customers in the post.

#12 Create New Content from the Coverage

Use the coverage as a basis on which to create your own content. Spin out a more detailed blog post or a webinar or a podcast series or a YouTube video. Then share this content in as many places as possible.

#13 Pitch a Different Angle

If your coverage has been featured somewhere prominent – think big publications, national TV or radio – then you may have a big enough profile to generate more coverage. Elaborate on the initial point covered and pitch to other media outlets.

No one will want to repeat the same story. But if you can present it with a different angle or in greater detail, you might just pique their interest.

#14 Pay to Promote

Splashing a bit of cash can help to prolong the natural online life of any press coverage. Write a social media post about the media mention. And then pay to promote it. You’ll reach many more people than would be possible with an organic post.

So you see, a great PR’s work is never done. One opportunity can lead to the next. And just one bit of press coverage, amplified correctly, can make an enormous impact.

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